Does Cava Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Options!

Does Cava Take Apple Pay Know Payment Options

Cava is a rapidly growing Mediterranean restaurant chain known for its healthy and customizable bowls, salads, and sides. In recent years, contactless payment methods like Apple Pay have become increasingly common in retail settings. As a forward-thinking restaurant company with an app and online ordering capabilities, many wonder if Cava also accepts Apple Pay for in-store dining.

For consumers who enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless Apple Pay transactions, knowing if it is accepted at Cava would provide helpful information when visiting. Without a definitive answer, some Cava customers may be left unsure if Apple Pay is available when going to pay for their meal. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about Cava’s stance on accepting Apple Pay.


Yes, Cava accepts Apple Pay at all locations in the United State.

We researched and confirmed this at the Cava located at 63 Wall St, New York, NY. The store associate processed an Apple Pay transaction at checkout. Cava’s website also lists Apple Pay as an accepted payment method, check the website to see any apple pay policy changes.

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An Overview of Cava

Cava is a fast-growing Mediterranean restaurant chain offering customizable, health-focused meals. Here’s an overview of Cava’s history, menu, format, and approach to technology.

Cava’s History and Growth

Founded in 2011 in Washington D.C. by three childhood friends, Cava has grown rapidly from a single location to over 100 restaurants across the U.S. Cava’s commitment to quality ingredients and customer experience has driven its expansion. In 2018, Cava acquired competitor Zoe’s Kitchen, furthering its reach.

Cava’s Focus on Technology and Innovation

Cava offers online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup through its website and mobile app. The company continuously refines its menu with seasonal offerings and invests in technologies to improve customer experience.

Understanding Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows for contactless payments using supported Apple devices. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Adding Cards: Credit and debit cards are added to the Apple Wallet app.
  • Paying: The user holds their iPhone or Apple Watch near a contactless reader while authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • Security: Device-specific numbers are used instead of actual card numbers, so card details are never shared.
  • Supported Locations: Apple Pay can be used at participating brick-and-mortar retailers, apps, and websites.

Does Cava Take Apple Pay?

Does Cava Take Apple Pay

Cava accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at all of their locations. Customers can pay for their Cava orders using an iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device at the contactless checkout terminals.

How To Use Apple Pay At Cava

Using Apple Pay at Cava to buy your meal is quick and easy:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch and select the card you want to use.
  • When ready to pay, hold your device near the contactless payment reader at checkout.
  • Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • Your payment will process immediately when approved.

That’s it! The payment will be secure, fast, and contactless using your Apple device.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Cava

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Cava

Paying with Apple Pay at Cava offers several advantages:

  • Security: Your actual card number isn’t shared or stored on your device or by Cava.
  • Speed: Transactions take seconds, allowing you to get your food faster.
  • Convenience: No need to carry physical cards and cash. Pay with just your Apple device.
  • Rewards: If your card offers rewards for Apple Pay purchases, you can earn those rewards at Cava.
  • Receipts: Digital receipts are generated with each Apple Pay transaction.

Comparing Cava with Other Restaurants

Many fast casual chains accept Apple Pay, but policies vary between restaurants. Here is how Cava compares:

Restaurant Does It Accept Apple Pay?
PitaSome locations
El Pollo LocoYes
Firehouse SubsNo
Jamba JuiceMost locations
Jimmy John’sYes
McDonald’sMost locations
KFCSome locations
SubwayMost locations
Baskin RobbinsMost locations
Jersey Mike’sMost locations
Johnny RocketsNo

So, Cava joins other chains like El Pollo Loco, Jimmy John’s, and Jamba Juice in accepting Apple Pay, while some competitors like Chick-fil-A and Johnny Rockets currently do not.

Other Mobile Payment Options At Cava

Other Mobile Payment Options At Cava

For non-Apple users, Cava also accepts:

Google PayAndroid devices can pay via Google Pay app.
Samsung PayWorks on new Samsung Galaxy devices.
Cava AppCava’s app allows ordering ahead for pickup or delivery and payment.
Gift CardsPhysical or digital Cava gift cards can be used for payment.

So, Android users have mobile payment options like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, along with Cava’s own app and gift cards.


In summary, Cava accepts Apple Pay at all of its locations, allowing customers to pay for meals easily and securely with supported Apple devices. Along with Apple Pay, Cava also takes other contactless payments like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. If you want fast, convenient checkout, consider using Apple Pay for your next Cava visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Does Cava accept Apple Pay online?

A) No, Cava only accepts Apple Pay in their stores, not for online orders.

2) Can I use a smartwatch to pay with Apple Pay at Cava?

A) Yes, Apple Watches supported by Apple Pay can be used to pay at Cava.

3) Do I need the Cava app to use Apple Pay there?

A) No, the Cava app is not needed. Just add your cards to the Apple Wallet app.

4) What if Apple Pay doesn’t work at Cava?

A) You can troubleshoot by updating your Apple device or verifying the card added. Or use another payment method.

5) Are there any discounts for using Apple Pay at Cava?

A) No, Cava does not currently offer any special discounts for Apple Pay purchases.

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