Does Krispy Kreme Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Krispy Kreme Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Krispy Kreme is an iconic doughnut shop chain known for its signature hot, glazed doughnuts. Nowadays, Krispy Kreme boasts over 1,000 shops globally, still focusing on serving up its signature hot, glazed doughnuts that made it famous. The brand is instantly recognizable due to its iconic red “Hot Now” neon sign signalling when a fresh batch is ready.

With contactless payments like Apple Pay becoming more and more popular, many Krispy Kreme customers want to know if they can use mobile tap-to-pay for satisfying their sweet cravings on the go. Let’s examine if Krispy Kreme accept Apple Pay and summarize all the payment options for quick, smooth checkout next time you’re stocking up on groceries.


Yes, Krispy Kreme accepts Apple Pay at most store locations nationwide for speedy checkout using your iPhone and Apple Watch.

We researched and confirmed that Apple Pay works at the Krispy Kreme in Broadway, New York City. Here’s the Krispy Kreme website link to check their latest Apple Pay support in case policies have changed since we last verified.

How Krispy Kreme Became a Global Sensation

How Krispy Kreme Became a Global Sensation

Krispy Kreme’s origins trace back to 1937 when founder Vernon Rudolph began selling hot doughnuts to local North Carolina grocery stores. Demand grew rapidly, so Rudolph cut a hole in an outside wall and started selling directly to customers on the street. Krispy Kreme’s hot, fresh glazed doughnuts were a big hit.

Rudolph stepped up production and opened the first Krispy Kreme store in Winston-Salem in 1937. Customers loved watching the doughnut theatre production line as their treats were made fresh daily. The unique neon “Hot Now” sign alerted passersby when hot doughnuts were ready. Krispy Kreme rapidly expanded across the South and Midwest over the following decades.

Today, Krispy Kreme operates over 1,000 locations around the world. Along with its signature glazed doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offers an array of fillings, toppings, and flavors from chocolate to lemon. Custom-decoration and fundraising programs make Krispy Kreme a community favorite. The brand continues spreading joy with its melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts.

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Does Krispy Kreme Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Online, and In-App?

Does Krispy Kreme Accept Apple Pay In-Store Online and In-App

Does Krispy Kreme Accept Apple Pay In-Store: Most Krispy Kreme stores now have contactless checkout readers allowing Apple Pay. Simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device near the point-of-sale terminal and authorize with Face ID or Touch ID to tap-to-pay.

Does Krispy Kreme Accept Apple Pay Online: Krispy Kreme’s website has also implemented Apple Pay. When checking out online orders, you can select Apple Pay and instantly authenticate with just a glance.

Does Krispy Kreme Accept Apple Pay In-App: The Krispy Kreme app supports Apple Pay too. You can order customized doughnuts ahead in the app, then use Apple Pay to seamlessly pay upon pickup.

Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Krispy Kreme

When you use Apple Pay at Krispy Kreme, you can take full advantage of earning points and redeeming rewards through their Sweet Rewards loyalty program. Each Apple Pay transaction still counts towards your regular visits and doughnut purchases that accumulate rewards. So tapping to pay with your iPhone provides all the usual Krispy Kreme loyalty perks, while adding speed and convenience to the checkout process.

Other Payment Options Accepted at Krispy Kreme

Other Payment Options Accepted at Krispy Kreme

Although Apple Pay is convenient, Krispy Kreme still provides other flexible payment forms like:

Debit & Credit CardsMajor networks like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover are accepted.
Google and Samsung PayCan also use these popular digital wallets to tap and pay at checkout terminals.
Krispy Kreme gift cardsBoth physical and digital gift cards make great gifts or self-payments by preloading funds.
Krispy Kreme AppOrder ahead and seamlessly pay through the app using integrated payment options.
CashCash payments are still accepted for added flexibility.


In summary, Krispy Kreme has implemented Apple Pay in its stores, on its website, and in its app, enabling tap-to-pay convenience from iPhone and Apple Watch. However, traditional payment types like cards and cash remain available too. Whether you prefer new tech like Apple Pay or old school cash, Krispy Kreme has all your payment needs covered for a smooth doughnut run!


1) What security measures does Krispy Kreme have in place for Apple Pay transactions?

A) Krispy Kreme takes several steps to keep Apple Pay purchases secure, including encrypted transactions, one-time use security codes, and requiring biometric authentication like Face ID or Touch ID. Your actual payment info is never shared with Krispy Kreme when using Apple Pay.

2) Are there any extra fees Krispy Kreme charges for using Apple Pay instead of other payment types?

A) No, Krispy Kreme does not charge any additional or hidden fees simply for choosing to pay with Apple Pay. The prices remain the same as if you paid with a physical credit/debit card or cash.

3) What are the purchase limits when using Apple Pay at Krispy Kreme?

A) Krispy Kreme does not impose any store-specific limits or restrictions on Apple Pay transactions. The normal transaction limits set by your bank and credit card provider based on your account still apply when tapping to pay with Apple Pay.

4) Can I accumulate and use Krispy Kreme rewards points when I pay with Apple Pay?

A) Absolutely, you can still earn and redeem Krispy Kreme Sweet Rewards points when using Apple Pay. Apple Pay does not affect your ability to collect or use rewards towards free food and drinks. Each tap-to-pay purchase counts.

5) Is Apple Pay available at all Krispy Kreme locations?

A) While most Krispy Kreme stores now accept Apple Pay, it’s a good idea to check with your specific location in case they have not yet set up the contactless readers. You can call ahead to confirm.

6) Is it possible to switch between multiple cards on Apple Pay at Krispy Kreme?

A) Yes, you can conveniently add several credit/debit cards to your Apple Wallet and change them anytime. Only one card will be active on your Krispy Kreme account at a time for tap-to-pay.

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