Does Burlington Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Apple Pay has become an incredibly popular digital wallet for making quick, easy, and secure payments using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. With Apple Pay, you can store your credit and debit cards digitally and use your device to make contactless payments in stores, in apps, and online. But is it accepted at popular department store Burlington?

Let’s take a closer look at whether Burlington takes Apple Pay and how you can use it for seamless checkout on your next shopping trip.


Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at Burlington stores nationwide.

We researched and confirmed that Apple Pay can be used to make contactless payments in-store. Customers can tap to pay using iPhone, Apple Watch and other compatible devices. Check the Burlington website for any future Apple Pay policy updates since our visit.

How Does Apple Pay Work at Burlington?

How Does Apple Pay Work at Burlington

Apple Pay allows you to store debit cards and credit cards on your Apple device, then use the device to make payments by holding it near a contactless payment terminal.

Here are the steps to use Apple Pay at Burlington:

  • Add eligible credit or debit cards to Apple Pay wallet on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Can add via Wallet app or device Settings.
  • When checking out, hold your device near the contactless payment terminal.
  • Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode. This authorizes the payment.
  • Receipt will be sent to your email address linked to Apple Pay account.

Apple Pay is designed to be simple, secure, and private. The merchant never sees your actual card details.

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Payment Methods Accepted at Burlington

Payment Methods Accepted at Burlington

In addition to Apple Pay, Burlington accepts the following payment methods:

1) Credit Cards – Major card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted so customers can tap into credit funds and rewards programs.

2) Debit Cards – Debit cards that pull from checking accounts are accepted, including those on the Visa, Mastercard, NYCE, Star, Accel, and Pulse networks for direct bank account payments.

3) Gift Cards – Purchasing and redeeming physical or digital Burlington gift cards lets frequent shoppers save on costs and manage budgets.

4) Burlington Credit card – Applying for a co-branded credit card can earn cardholders special discounts and loyalty rewards on Burlington purchases for additional savings.

5) Cash – Good old cash, including bills and coins, is universally accepted for in-person transactions for those who prefer paper currency as a payment form.

So Burlington aims to provide versatile payment options like Apple Pay along with traditional methods.

Pros of Using Apple Pay at Burlington

There are many benefits to using Apple Pay for your Burlington purchases:

  • Fast Checkout – With just a quick tap or glance at checkout, Apple Pay is very fast and convenient.
  • Security – The merchant never sees your actual card details. Apple Pay utilizes unique transaction codes and tokenization.
  • Privacy – Your payment transactions are not tied to your Apple ID, so private from Apple too.
  • Rewards – Can build up and redeem rewards points by using eligible rewards credit cards via Apple Pay.
  • No fees – Apple Pay transactions are free. Only standard credit/debit card fees apply.
  • Accessibility – Easy tap-to-pay for all users. No more struggling with bills, change, cards, PIN pads.

For many shoppers, Apple Pay is an ideal payment method offering both simplicity and security.

Cons of Using Apple Pay at Burlington

While Apple Pay offers many perks, there are some potential downsides to consider:

  • Device Dependence – You can only use Apple Pay if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. It excludes other devices.
  • Setup – There is a bit of a setup process to add cards to Apple Pay wallet for first-time users.
  • Errors – Occasional system issues may prevent a transaction from going through as intended.
  • Learning Curve – Some first-time users struggle to learn how to properly position their device to activate Apple Pay.

So while not flawless, Apple Pay remains one of the top payment methods accepted at Burlington for ease of use and security.

Is Apple Pay Safe for Burlington Purchases?

Is Apple Pay Safe for Burlington Purchases

Yes, Apple Pay provides excellent security and protection for payments made at Burlington. When using Apple Pay, encrypted payment information is stored securely on the device so actual card numbers are never shared with the merchant. Each transaction must be authorized with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode before it can go through. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can suspend payments using Find My iPhone without needing to cancel your cards.

Transaction history can also be viewed on your device or online for monitoring purposes. Your bank provides the same standard fraud monitoring they would for your physical card and can assist with any transaction disputes. As long as basic security practices are followed, like keeping your device passcode-protected, Apple Pay is very safe for Burlington transactions since your payment details stay private and secure throughout the process.

How to Check Apple Pay Acceptance

How to Check Apple Pay Acceptance

Here are some tips to check if a specific Burlington store accepts Apple Pay before you shop:

  • Call the store – An employee can confirm over the phone if they accept Apple Pay.
  • Check store website – Look under accepted payments or FAQs on the store’s website.
  • Apple Maps – Search the store location and check if Apple Pay logo is shown.
  • Contactless logo – Look for universal contactless payment logo at checkout registers.
  • Ask associate – Simply ask a sales associate when inside the store.

This ensures you know if you can use Apple Pay at that Burlington or if you need another payment method.


Burlington accepts Apple Pay nationwide, allowing customers a fast and secure mobile payment option. With just a quick tap, you can check out easily using Apple Pay at any Burlington store that has contactless payment activated. Keep your physical wallet at home and take advantage of this popular digital wallet for seamless Burlington transactions. Have your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad ready to tap and pay the next time you’re in line to checkout.

FAQs about Apple Pay and Burlington

1) How do I set up Apple Pay to use at Burlington?
You can set up Apple Pay by opening the Wallet app, tapping the “+” icon, and following the steps to add your credit/debit card. Accepting bank cards can be used.

2) What Burlington branded cards work with Apple Pay?
The Burlington Card Mastercard issued by Synchrony Bank can be added to Apple Pay to earn rewards on purchases.

3) Is my card information safe when I use Apple Pay at Burlington?
Yes, Apple Pay stores card details securely using encryption and tokenization. Your information is never shared directly with Burlington.

4) What do I do if Apple Pay is declined at Burlington?
Make sure you have sufficient funds and that your Wallet card information is current. Contact your bank or card issuer for any declined transaction help.

5) How can I see previous Apple Pay transactions made at Burlington?
You can view your Apple Pay history on your iPhone in Wallet app, online at, or through your bank account transaction listings.

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