Find Dispensary Near Me That Takes Apple Pay In 2024

Dispensary Near Me That Takes Apple Pay

With mobile payments like Apple Pay, you can check out faster at stores with just a tap of your iPhone. But are dispensaries near you accepting this convenient payment method? As mobile pay adoption spreads, more dispensaries of all types are starting to adopt it. However, Apple Pay acceptance still varies across major chains and locations.

This guide will explore which major dispensary chains take Apple Pay, how to find local shops accepting mobile payments, the pros and cons of using Apple Pay, tips for smooth purchases, and more. We’ll provide everything you need to know to use mobile payment at dispensaries in your area that accept Apple Pay. Let’s take a look at which dispensary chains and local shops allow this speedy checkout option.

Major Dispensary Chains Accepting Apple Pay

Major Dispensary Chains Accepting Apple Pay

Several big chains like MedMen, The Apothecarium, and Harborside take Apple Pay nationally. This makes purchases more convenient when you visit their locations.

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Finding Local Dispensaries Accepting Apple Pay

Finding Local Dispensaries Accepting Apple Pay

Searching on sites like Weedmaps and Leafly can help you find smaller, local dispensaries accepting mobile pay. You can filter your results specifically for Apple Pay.

Checking dispensaries’ own websites is another easy way to find their payment policies. Or you can always call ahead to ask if they accept Apple Pay and get any needed details.

Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay

The following are the main benefits of using Apple Pay:

  • Quickly Earn Rewards: Many dispensaries now let you accumulate rewards points through Apple Pay purchases. You don’t need to carry a separate loyalty card.
  • Speed And Convenience: With Apple Pay, you simply hold your device near the payment terminal rather than searching for your wallet. Purchases happen in seconds, so you won’t spend as much time waiting in line.
  • Enhanced Security: Your actual credit card or debit card number isn’t stored on your device or shared with the dispensary. Apple Pay uses unique encrypted device account numbers along with authentication through Face ID, Passcode or Touch ID.
  • Easy To Track Spending: You can view your Apple Pay transaction history directly in the Wallet app. This gives you a clear picture of your spending habits.

Potential Drawbacks Of Apple Pay

However, there are a few potential disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • Not Universally Accepted: Some dispensaries may not have payment systems that support Apple Pay yet. It’s smart to call ahead to confirm.
  • Technology Failures: Like any electronic payment method, Apple Pay could encounter outages, connectivity issues or other glitches. Having a backup payment option is recommended.
  • May Not Maximize Rewards: Certain dispensaries may require a physical rewards card or special code to redeem points, so check how Apple Pay impacts loyalty programs.
  • Need Cash Backup: In case you run into acceptance issues or account problems with any dispensary, having cash via a nearby ATM provides a good backup plan.

Tips For Using Apple Pay At Dispensary

Tips For Using Apple Pay At Dispensary

Follow these suggestions for a smooth experience when using Apple Pay:

  • Make sure Apple Pay is set up and ready to go in your Wallet app before visiting a participating dispensary.
  • Bring a secondary payment method like a credit card or cash, just in case.
  • Know the maximum purchase amount allowed on Apple Pay, which varies by dispensary.
  • Confirm that your dispensary rewards program works with Apple Pay so you don’t miss earning points.
  • Monitor your account activity to quickly spot any unauthorized Apple Pay charges.

Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

When you use the Apple Card for Apple Pay purchases, you can earn up to 3% daily cash back. These cash rewards deposit right into your Apple Pay digital wallet for easy use.

Can Debit Cards Be Accepted?

Some dispensaries have on-site ATMs you can use to get cash to then make debit purchases. And depending on their banking arrangements, some may allow debit card use directly for transactions.

Debit Transactions

The dispensary chain Verilife lets customers link their debit cards through an app called CanPay. This connects to your checking account to conveniently pay right from your phone.


As you can see, Apple Pay is accepted at major chains and smaller local dispensaries across many legal states. With proper preparation like checking payment methods ahead of time, you can enjoy smooth, speedy purchases. Apple Pay offers advantages like rewards tracking while also requiring backup plans in case of glitches. By understanding dispensaries’ restrictions involving banks and credit cards, you can pick the ideal mobile payment option. We hope this guide provides the details you need to conveniently use Apple Pay near you. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I use Apple Pay at any dispensary near me?

A) No, you’ll need to check which specific dispensaries accept mobile payments like Apple Pay before visiting. Payment options can vary by location.

2) Do all major chains take Apple Pay now?

A) Many large chains like MedMen and The Apothecarium accept Apple Pay nationally, but some may still be rolling it out. It’s best to verify with each location.

3) Is Apple Pay completely safe to use at dispensaries?

A) Yes, Apple Pay offers enhanced security by encrypting your card details. You also authenticate transactions with Face/Touch ID.

4) Can I use a debit card linked to Apple Pay at a dispensary?

A) You may be able to use a debit card via Apple Pay depending on the dispensary’s banking and payment setup. Check with each location.

5) Do dispensaries accepting Apple Pay allow cash back?

A) Some may offer cash back, but most dispensaries don’t handle cash transactions. You’ll likely need to visit an ATM instead.

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