Matt Casebolt Leaves Apple To Join Tesla

With all the talks about Apple making their own car, Project Titan, it’s surprising that Matt Casebolt would be leaving Apple to join Tesla. Casebolt was a high profile Senior Director of Design for Apple’s Mac lineup left the company last month to join Tesla as Sr. Director Engineering, Closures & Mechanisms.

Over the past two and a half years, Casebolt lead the MacBook Pro team which lead to the new Touch Bar found in the latest update. Before that, he lead the team behind the design of the latest ‘trash can’ Mac Pro and played a huge role in the first iterations of the MacBook Air design. In recent memory, these are by far the most iconic designs from Apple.

While this is good news for Tesla, it does look like Apple’s Macintosh team is shrinking at a fast pace. With this latest report, it does leave fear in what Apple has in store for the next generation of its Mac lineup.

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