Official Beats Instagram May Have Leaked The Rumored ‘Jet White’ IPhone 7

In a photo posted by the official Beats Instagram account, there appears to be a “Jet White” iPhone 7, which has been rumored for quite some time now. At first glance, the photo is pretty convincing, however, when looked at under a magnifying glass, it may just be an eye trick.

It’s highly unlikely that Apple would allow Beats to leak a product before Apple’s official announcement. Given the characteristics of the device, it could be a silver iPhone 6s or a white iPhone 5c.

Putting the photo through an editor, however, makes it looks more like an iPhone 6s as you can see the antenna lines crossing the back if you really look at it. Though, it was very well hidden due to lightning or an Instagram filter (via 9to5Mac).

The angling of the photo also makes it look like there’s no camera hump. However, that’s likely an iPhone 6s in silver, rather than a 7. It’s not an iPhone 5c either as the iPhone 5c featured no antenna lines because it was made entirely of plastic.

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