Working Macintosh Built Using Raspberry Pi, Only 1/3 The Size Of Original

If you are an Apple fan – especially a classic Apple fan – then you will immediately know what the above picture is of. However, it is more than meets the eye, see that Macintosh in the background? That’s full size, the one in front is one built by RetroMacCast co-host John Leake.

Using a Raspberry Pi, some PVC and other off the shelves parts he was able to build a completely working “Mini Mac” by running a System 6 emulator inside of a Linux system.

The sides of the miniature computer were made by using an X-Acto knife to cut out 1/3 scale pieces. It runs Linux and uses Mini vMac to emulate System 6.0.8, and the 320×200 3.5-inch display is actually running at a resolution at 512×384 on the software side of things, making it look and run just right.

You can watch a video above which shows off all the different things it can do and what is on it. Unfortunately Mini vMac and Raspberry Pi don’t like to work together on audio, so there isn’t any sound from the machine. See the gallery below for more pictures of the mini computer.

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