Apple Updates Photos App On With Navigation Improvements

Today Apple has updated its iCloud Photos web app with some new navigation improvements, MacMagazine noted. The Photos web app lets users access their iCloud Photo Library through the web on a Mac or Windows computer.

Launched in a beta state (, the new Photos app features a sidebar and thumbnail scrubber like its native counterpart on the Mac. This feature should be rolling out to all users soon as Apple uses its beta site to test features before they rollout to everyone.

The new app also allows users to upload and download photos, while the sidebar adds a list of albums the user has in their library. The sidebar can be hidden away at any time. In addition, you can now have a persistent scrubber of images that shows photos taken before and after the current photo, which has also been borrowed from the native Photos app on the Mac.

Updates to are far and few between… While it’s good they’re updating it, the interface is pretty bad. The web interface will need more, however, if Apple expects people to actually use it on a regular basis.

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