IOS 9 Imagined In Feature-Packed Concept [Video]

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IOS 9 Imagined In Feature-Packed Concept [Video]

While many were getting to grips with iOS 8 and its new features capabilities some, apparently, were already dreaming up the next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Designer Ralph Theodory took to his YouTube channel to show off his concept for iOS 9 — and it’s feature packed!

The concept was originally posted in late November, 2014 but has only just been brought to my attention and now I’m bringing it to yours in case you missed it too. It’s very well put together and, although many of the features are simply pie-in-the-sky thinking, it shows that Theodory has carefully considered how new features would be implemented into the current OS.

IOS 9 Imagined In Feature

Here are a selection of the features he proposes — many of which I’d love to see — followed by the video itself:

  • Search and History in Settings — A neat search function allows you to quickly the ever-expanding list of options that has ballooned over time. A history button also allows you to view recent changes in the Settings app and undo them with a swipe and a tap.
  • OS-wide Night Mode — Ever since iOS 7 brought the stark and bright new design language, we’ve been clamoring for a system-wide dark mode so that the palette is not as blinding when used in low light conditions. It’s included in the iOS 9 concept.
  • Settings Everywhere — In this imagination of iOS 9, you’ll be able to access an individual app’s settings from the multitasking screen. Swipe down an app in the app switcher to reveal settings, privacy options and battery usage information.
  • Close all running apps — If you’re one of those iOS users who likes to close apps that are running in the background, there’s now an easy way to close all apps from the multitasking screen. You no longer have to swipe each individual app away.
  • Siri Spell — Hate it when Siri misunderstands you? In iOS 9 she’ll ask you to spell the word she was unsure of.
  • Apple Watch-style Springboard — Similar to Aeternum jailbreak tweak, this iOS 9 concept brings with it an Apple Watch-style app Springboard.
  • New Music Features — The Music app gets some love in Theodory’s concept too.
  • There are new Smart Shuffle capabilities, Auto Language Playlists, Smart Sleep Mode and easy access to ringtone and EQ settings.
  • Learn and Support apps — iOS overwhelming? Well, thankfully iOS 9 will come with a reimagined Tips app that is now called Learn. In it, you can learn “every single thing” about iOS. There’s also a Support app (in case you didn’t already have too many stock apps to hide in a folder) that helps you diagnose and solve problems on your iPhone, report bugs, and get quick access to Genius Remote Appointments (like Amazon’s Mayday feature?).

There are a ton more make-believe features shown off in the video below. It probably ticks off some of the ones on your wish list.

Apple is rumored to be working iOS 9 as we speak. This is no surprise whatsoever as, if pattern holds, iOS 9 will be shown of to developers at WWDC 2015 in June.

Do you like the look of Theodory’s iOS 9 concept? What features would you like to see later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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