Some Early AirPods Users Are Seeing Battery Draining Issues With Charging Case

With the AirPods launching earlier this month, some users have begun noticing that the charging case for the wireless earbuds are depleting rather quickly. Apple claims up to 24 hours of charge to the AirPods before the charging case dies, but some are seeing much lower battery life on the case.

Some users are reporting that their AirPods case is draining upwards of 40 percent in a few hours with the AirPods at 100 percent in the case and with minimal usage.

One Redditor has posted his experience with the issue and how he managed to get the charging case replaced. He says that the new set of AirPods he received do not have the faulty battery draining issue. In most cases, it’s the charging case at fault and not the AirPods themselves.

Fortunately, this issue likely is an edge case and will only affect a small subset of users. On top of this, AirPods are nearly impossible to get as inventory is super limited.

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