AirPods Are Now Available To Purchase Via Apple Online Store For $159

Out of nowhere, Apple’s wireless earbuds, the AirPods, are now available to purchase from Apple’s Online Store. The original ship dates were December 22, but we’re now seeing early January ship dates for the earbuds.

As expected, availability is super low and the ship dates will likely continue to slip as time goes on. Most U.S. based orders will see their AirPods as soon as December 21, with some international orders seeing December 19 as their ship dates.

Luckily, AirPods will be available in Apple retail stores beginning next week. Though those will likely be in limited quantities as well.

Each earbud has its own individual battery, lasting up to five hours for audio playback. The AirPods include a carrying case which can charge the AirPods for up to 24 hours.

The AirPods have proximity sensors in them so they know when they’re removed so they pause as soon as you take them out of your ear. There are no physical buttons but users can double tap either earbud to initiate Siri.

To pair AirPods to your iPhone, simply open the case and pairing will start automatically.

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