Apple Adds More Stock For IPhone Upgrade Program Customers Looking To Get IPhone 7, No Stock For Walk-Ins

With complaints from customers having issues with iPhone 7 availability through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple has started informing customers that it’s adding more reservation times for in-store pickup this Friday.

In an email sent to customers on the iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple says “we’ve added more reservation times for Friday, September 16.” But it also seemingly confirms that “there are no reservations available to pick up the jet black model on Friday.” Here’s a piece of the email:

If you tried to upgrade through the iPhone Upgrade Program, you may have had difficulty reserving a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus due to high demand. We’ve made two important changes to help you.

We’ve added more reservation times for this Friday, September 16. Simply confirm your eligibility and then see if the model you want will be available at an Apple Store near you…

For customers who aren’t able to find their model, Apple will contact customers within 48 to 72 hours with information regarding device availability.

Apple retail locations seem to have very limited to no stock of the iPhone 7 this year (via 9to5Mac). Unlike previous years, Apple may not have stock for customers lining up at its retail locations on September 16. Instead, customers will be advised to order their iPhone 7 online.

Previously, most Apple Stores kept healthy stock for customers who did a walk-in and purchased an iPhone without a reservation in most markets. But this year, Apple retail employees are being told to tell customers to check availability of iPhone 7 units online, the report says.

Earlier this week, Apple was hit with a class action lawsuit regarding the massive headache for iPhone Upgrade Program customers.

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