Small Number Of Users Planning To Upgrade To IPhone 7, Poll Says

According to a survey done by Quartz, only 9.3% of U.S. iPhone users will be upgrading to the iPhone 7 due to the design looking similar to the iPhone 6/6s. In contrast, 25.2% would upgrade if the next iPhone had a brand new design.

Right now, it’s unclear whether Apple is holding back a design change specifically for the 10th anniversary iPhone, or if Apple is purposefully switching to a three-year major refresh cycle.

Roughly 34% said that if Apple switched to a three-year cycle, they would adjust their personal upgrade timings to match. Add in those who said that they were ‘somewhat likely’ to do the same, and that number is at 70%.

While the survey doesn’t represent everybody, it was based on 525 U.S. iPhone owners.

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