Six Individuals Charged In Chicago Apple Store Traveling Fraud Scheme

Six individuals originating from New York have been charged for allegedly attempting fraudulent transactions at the Deer Park Apple Store in Chicago (via Chicago Tribune). Lake County authorities say that the scheme is an “organized criminal enterprise.”

The scheme was first suspected last week at various Apple Stores in the Chicago area. The suspects in question were using stolen credit cards and identities to make numerous purchases throughout the country, police say.

A spokesperson at the sheriff’s office told the Chicago Tribune that the suspect flew into O’Hare International Airport, rented a car, and immediately headed to various Apple Stores to attempt the scheme.

After another store in Schaumburg was targeted, authorities began increasing police around the Deer Park store. Six people were caught attempting the scheme between Wednesday and Sunday.

Police were able to recover 10,000 worth of stolen Apple products from the suspects.

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