Kickstarter Project ISketchnote For IPad Revolutionizes Pen & Paper Notetaking

Today we want to draw your attention to a brand new Kickstarter project which looks absolutely fantastic.

The project is called iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad, created by ISKN Team. iSketchnote is designed to take the ease and comfort of drawing and note taking on paper, with the digital power of the iPad. iSketchnote is a smart iPad cover with new digitizing technology.

Within the smart case is a notepad, which you can use as real paper, with real pens to create hard copies of all your notes and sketches. The technology allows you to also create digital copies of your notes for your iPad in real time, this means you can back up your work, store it in a portfolio, or share it online as soon as you’ve created it.

The concept is absolutely fantastic. It’s built around the sensor matrix above, which can track your pens in real times. It’s initially being built with a USB connection, but in time will feature a Bluetooth connection.

It’s sold with special pens featuring permanent ring magnets which allows the technology to recognize multiple colors. The accessory can be used in open mode, which simply means you make your notes on paper, and they appear on your iPad in real time, but also mobile mode, which allows you to use the notepad without having the screen deployed if you’re in a confined space or on the move.

Finally, it features an “iPadless mode”, which allows you to create works on your notepad without the iPad, and then transfer them to your iPad next time you connect it. It’s got an expandable SD slot, so that with just a 4GB memory card you can store 100 pages of work.

iSketchnote has two goals in mind, the first ($175,000) has already been reached, so ISKN will create the Kickstarter edition for iPad and iPad mini. However, with more funding ($250,000 overall), ISKN will also create a version which can be connected directly to your Mac or PC, essentially turning the device into a desktop tablet which uses real paper and ink.

iSketchnote looks like an absolutely fantastic way to make notes on physical paper, whilst digitizing them at the same time. If you’d like to learn more about iSketchnote, and potentially back it, then you can do so here!

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