Notability: A Powerful, Yet Simple Note-Taking App [Review]

Notability A Powerful, Yet Simple Note-Taking App [Review]

Notability A Powerful, Yet Simple Note-Taking App [Review]

Are you ever in class or in a meeting and need to take notes, sketch a diagram, or want to record a snippet of information? With Notability, you can do all of that and more. In fact, Notability was the Best Selling iPad Paid Productivity app in 2015 (for the third year in a row)!

I’m aware that there are a lot of note-taking apps out there, but after testing others, Notability continues to be my go-to note-taking app of choice. While Notes, the built-in note-taking app on iOS devices, has introduced some much-needed features with the release of iOS 9, many of these features (and more) have long been encompassed in Notability.

If you’re a visual person, like me, Notability will be perfect for you! If you find yourself frequently doodling and sketching ideas on pen and paper, why not check out Notability? It’s super easy and simple to use and you can sync your notes between your iOS devices and your Mac, for a truly seamless and intuitive note-taking experience.

A Powerful, Yet Simple Note-Taking App [Review]

To get the most out of Notability, use the navigation bar to give you access to edit text, highlight, and record audio. The navigation bar also has a handwriting tool that allows you to write notes just like you would with traditional pen and paper, a selection lasso and marquee tool to select specific content on a page, and an eraser tool.

There is also a text styling pane that allows you to change the font, text size, style, color, and gives you an option for making numbered lists and adding bullets. When in handwriting and highlighting mode, you can change the pen color, width, and style to accommodate your preferences.

Notability is a note-takers dream! The features of Notability closely resemble that of most word processors, like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. It’s also extremely simple and easy to use.

Just position your finger where you wish to start typing and style your text with different fonts and/or colors. You can bold, italicize, and underline your text and even number or bullet specific sections of text.

Of course, possibly the best feature of Notability is the handwriting tool, which truly comes in handy when taking notes on iOS devices as it adds the simplicity of writing notes using traditional pen and paper to your phone and/or tablet.

Notability has been optimized for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to give users an unprecedented level of preciseness and responsiveness and to offer the best note-taking experience yet. It’s also totally versatile as it combines different note-taking styles and fits them all into a single app.

What’s even more, you can import images as well as PDFs and easily edit them using the handwriting and highlighting tools and as stated, you can use iCloud to sync your notes between your iOS devices as well as your Mac.

Another notable (no pun intended) feature of Notability is the “AutoBackup” feature that connects with your Dropbox and/or Google Drive account to put all of your files into a single Notability folder.

Notability is relatively inexpensive costing only $0.99 on the App Store and $5.99 on the Mac App Store.

Overall, I think Notability is worth your attention. It’s extremely simple and easy to use and, for me, having seamless integration between all of my devices is an added bonus!

Have you guys used Notability before? What are some other note-taking apps out there that can compete with all that Notability has to offer? Let me know in the comments section down below

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