IPad Pro Hacked To Have 3D Touch Capabilities Via Apple Pencil

One of the biggest drawbacks of the iPad Pro for me, personally is the lack of 3D Touch capabilities. A lot of the time I’m finding myself peaking into an image preview, or 3D touching a home screen icon and nothing happens. Well, well known hacker/developer Hamza Sood has been able to hack the iPad Pro to allow the Apple Pencil to invoke 3D touch gestures.

While the Apple Pencil’s main purpose is to add depth to painting and drawings, the Pencil actually reports back to the system how hard it’s being pressed on the screen, similar to how 3D Touch works on the iPhone 6s. The difference is the pressure sensitivity is all done inside the Pencil. As to where on the iPhone 6s the technology is built into the display.

Sood’s hack converts raw force data into reasonable numbers that allow functions such as Peak and Pop on the iPad Pro.

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