Apple Watch Launching In “Spring 2015,” Says Angela Ahrendts

Apple Watch will launch in Spring 2015 according to the company’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts. In a video, transcribed by an unnamed source for 9to5Mac, Ahrendts refers to the launch timeline for Apple’s wearable indicating the device will debut slightly later than previously expected.

Apple Watch Launching In “Spring 2015,”

Since its unveiling in September, Apple has consistently pointed towards an “early 2015″ launch for the device. We had previously heard that Apple would struggle to launch the device in time for Valentine’s Day in February.

In referencing Chinese New Year (February 19) as preceding the Apple Watch launch, it is clear that Apple is not planning to launch the device in time for Valentine’s Day.

While Apple has been deliberately vague, a Spring launch is perhaps as late in “early 2015″ as possible — Spring runs from late March until June. If Apple considers March to be early 2015, then there may have been no change in plans since the company’s September event. However, it might struggle to justify a June launch as early 2015.

Are you looking forward to getting ahold of the Apple Watch for yourself? Will you be buying one on launch day (whenever that may be)? Let us know below!

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