Report: IPad Lowering Number Of Pilot Injuries

This is interesting, but not surprising. According to a report from TabTimes, American Airlines has been replacing 8,600 pilots’s 40+ pound flight bags full of charts, maps, etc with iPads. That is a lot of iPads.

But what does this have to do with injuries, as the title suggests? Well according to Patrick O’Keeffe, American’s vice president of Airline Operations Technology, “[American Airlines has] reduced the single biggest source of pilot injuries: carrying those packs.” That’s right, the iPad is preventing injuries from the pilots having to lug around those huge bags. iPads aren’t the only devices being used, however. Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup is seeing some action from the crew members, so this is a bi-platform approach.

What do you think? Is this the direction of the industry? Wondering if iPads will be allowed to everyone for in-flight use? Let us know in the comments

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