Munster: IPhone 6 Will Be A “Blockbuster” Release Next Summer, IWatch And TV Still In Development

Munster IPhone 6 Will Be A “Blockbuster” Release Next Summer, IWatch And TV Still In Development

When it comes to analysts, none entertain us as much a Gene Munster. The analyst has so fervently stuck to his predictions of Apple releasing a TV set, that it’s almost become a running joke among tech bloggers. Regardless, he’s back with some more “advice” for investors this week, just in time for Apple’s financial results call next Monday evening.

As well as reassuring investors that iPhone 5s sales won’t drop off as quickly as the iPhone 5 did last year, he also tells them that he expects Apple to release the next generation iPhone in the summer of 2014. As reported by Business Insider:

But even more important than the 5S, says Munster, is the iPhone 6, which he expects to be out in the Summer, sooner than expected. The 6 is going to have a bigger screen, and Munster thinks it’s going to be a “blockbuster.”

Enthusiasm about the iPhone 6 should more than offset any concern about 5S sales inevitably slowing, says Munster.

Personally, I don’t doubt that Apple could release a larger iPhone next year. We know that the company is at least working on one. Whether or not it’ll make it to market is entirely up in the air, and I’m sure not even Apple has made a decision on that yet.

We also know, from comments by Tim Cook, that Apple is very interested in developing wearable technology and for revolutionizing the TV industry.

What’s in doubt here is the timing. Munster predicts they’ll arrive next year, but I’m convinced that neither the iWatch or the Apple TV set will be released in 2014. Especially not the latter. And the iPhone being launched next summer? I can’t see that either.

The company’s had tremendous success with its current pattern of releasing hardware in September/October and using the summer event to show off new software. If I had to guess on release time frames I’d say iPhone 6 would be released in September 2014, iWatch in 2015 and Apple TV in sometime between now and never.

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