IPhone 5 Will Have 12 Megapixel Camera/1080p HD Video – Rumor

iPhone 5 will have 12 megapixel camera 1080p HD video – rumor

iPhone 5 will have 12 megapixel camera 1080p HD video – rumor

It wasn’t long ago that info leaked of Sony’s involvement in the next iPhone camera. To be completely blunt, the Sony camera sensor speculation was based on an incorrect statement made by the company’s CEO. Embarrassing!

Currently a company named OmniVision supply Apple with the cameras for the iPhone range. The 5 megapixel camera currently sported by the iPhone 4 is regarded as being one of the best, if not the best in the business. Its image results are clear, have great definition and give a much truer representation of color than many others.

The latest rumor is that the iPhone 5 is now expected to have its camera supplied, again, by OmniVision. However, this time it’s jumping from an average 5 megapixel sensor to 12.6! Of course, megapixels don’t mean everything. The lens is the most important thing, and if the iPhone 5 adopts the lens currently built in to its predecessor, then it’ll be plain fantastic.

It gets better – if the iPh5 does get this OmniVision OV12825 sensor, then it will also be capable of shooting full HD (1080p) video at up to 60fps. Image quality will be unrivalled, as will video capture.

It would surely put the iPhone back on the map when it comes to leading the pack, especially if it’s coupled with a 4″ Retina display.

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