Rolocule’s Motion Tennis IOS Game Brings Wii-Like Gaming To Your Apple TV [Video]

One of the products with biggest potential in Apple’s inventory is the Apple TV. It may look like a little square box capable of doing nothing but stream, but with a couple of tweaks it can be transformed in to a device which not only replaces your traditional set-top box, but also your games console.

AirPlay is yet to be fully adopted by games developers, but having played the likes of Real Racing 2, there’s definitely scope for that to change. Rolocule, and Indian developer, has seen the promise shown by Apple TV and released a game called Motion Tennis.

The company in question developed a technology called Rolomotion which uses your iPhone or iPod touch’s gyroscope sensor to detect motion and – through AirPlay – transform your device in to a handheld motion controller, like the Wii. Check out the video below, it shows the technology being used on a game called Motion Tennis:

What’s amazing is that this game is available right now on the App Store. It’ll set you back $7.99 (£5.49 UK) and is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later. May seem like an obvious point, but, I have to make it clear: You need an Apple TV to get this to work, so don’t download if you don’t.

Tip of the hat to iDownloadBlog for spotting the game.

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