Apple Q2 2013 Financial Results: 37.4 Million IPhones, 19.5 Million IPads And 5.6m IPods

We’ve all been waiting with anticipation to see how well Apple did during its second fiscal quarter of 2013. Turns out, it was about as well as many analysts expected. Apple just posted $43.6 billion in revenue and a profit of $9.5 billion.

Many predicted that profit would be down on the same quarter last year, which it was, as Apple made $11.6 billion profit during the same period in 2012. However, the revenue is up from $39.2 billion.

iDevice sales are looking strong too, with 37.4 million iPhones being sold between January and March this year compared to 37.04 million in 2012. iPad sales grew quite tremendously from 15.43 million last year to 19.5 million this year.

No doubt helped by the arrival of the iPad mini in November. A factor which is also undoubtedly the cause of Apple’s lower profit margins. iPod sales are down – as expected – as consumer demand for the MP3 player in general is waning. Apple “only” managed to sell 5.6m iPods compared to 7.7 million last year.

Apple’s chiefs Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer will be discussing results at 5pm Eastern. If you want to listen to the call, head on over to the audiocast.

It will be interesting to see how the stock market responds to this. My guess: indifferently. There’s little growth despite billions in cash made.

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