New IPhone 6 Renders Are Best Yet, Show Virtual Teardown

As a sum of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6, some new renders have been published by Martin Hajek. Gone are the heavy plastic lines on the back, replaced by glass and thin plastic bands like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. This falls in line with some relatively recent rumors, which have been accepted by most out of hope, if nothing else.

Unlike many renders and 3D models, Hajek went into fine detail by modeling internal parts as well. He says that the parts were modeled based on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c components, with some alterations.

Although some may not care, it might be important to remember that most rumors and leaks show the camera protruding from the back of the iPhone 6. This is not the case with these renders, which makes the phone look that much better in my opinion.

After the first leaks and models came out, I was kind of disappointed by the aesthetically-challenged plastic bands. However, if this is what the next iPhone looks like, I’m sold. Take a look at the pictures below.

If you would like to buy the 3D files from Hajek for $100, you can do so here. Will you be picking up an iPhone 6 if it looks like this? Are you hoping for something more? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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