Could New A5 Chip In Apple TV Hint At Cheaper IPhone Incoming?

There is a lot of speculation floating around with the new Apple TV that includes a smaller A5 chip. This new chip, according to some, could hint at the coming of a new, cheaper iPhone. How? For a couple of different reasons.

Chipworks, who did a full rundown of the new A5, has found that it has a core disabled, making the new Apple TV technically a single core device. What it says because of this is that it can be assumed a single core device may be coming.

With the lower cost, smaller size, and lower power consumption, this would be the perfect pieces to a cheaper iPhone puzzle. A low cost A5 chip would allow the price of the iPhone to go down as well.

Another speculation about the decrease in component sizes is that the Apple TV could possibly see a size reduction as well. With this “new” Apple TV, the new design is nearly identical. Companies such as Roku have been pushing smaller and smaller set top boxes, so there isn’t a reason that Apple wouldn’t want to go towards this as well.

With a smaller design and cheaper components, Apple could also be preparing a price drop for the Apple TV, allowing it to stay competitive in the market. I personally own an Apple TV and completely love it. If Apple could make it cheaper, I’m sure many more people would see it as worth the investment.

What do you think? Do you see a possible cheaper iPhone coming from this? Would you like a cheaper Apple TV? Let us know in the comments.

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