IOS And Android Have Highest Customer Loyalty, Less Than 10% Stick With BBerry And Windows

As part of its report showing which platform’s users have the highest bills, CIRP also surveyed those who had switched or stuck with their previous OS when upgrading. As expected, Apple’s iOS was top of the pile with 88% of surveyed respondents stating that they had upgraded from iPhone to a newer model.

In second place was Android with 64% sticking with Google’s platform. That said, over 1/3rd of Android users did leave for an iPhone. But it could be much worse.

Both BlackBerry and Windows mobile operating systems struggled to retain any users. Only 7% of BlackBerry users upgraded to another BBerry smartphone. Windows fared slightly better with 9% sticking.

So where did they go? BlackBerry users had a tendency to lean towards the iPhone with 59% of them switching to an Apple branded smartphone and 32% opting for the Green Robot. Windows users were split down the middle: 36% went to both iOS and Android.

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot riding on BB10 as it finally gets its public release today, with handsets arriving (in UK stores at least) tomorrow.

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