IPhone 5 Jailbreak Is On The Way

IPhone 5 Jailbreak Is On The Way

As usual, the jailbreak community has been put on hold with the release of the new iPhone. But don’t lose hope yet! It seems like the iPhone 5 jailbreak is well on its way.

IPhone 5 Jailbreak Is On The Way

The iPhone 5 is reportedly proving very difficult to jailbreak, as Apple now has a long history patching the security holes that jailbreak developers utilize. (I would liken it to an incredibly long game of Jenga, where Apple keeps taking all the good pegs and the dev team has to slowly nudge out the more difficultly-placed pegs.)

Planetbeing, a Chronic Dev hacker was reportedly working on an iPhone 5 jailbreak at JailbreakCon, and he has recently tweeted a picture of his iPhone 5, which is running a jailbroken iOS 6. It looks like the dawn of the iPhone 5 jailbreak is fast approaching, but planetbeing also had this to say to CultofMac:

“Can’t say too much, but we’re still missing critical pieces so it’s not releasable right now, … Believe me, we’d love to release it ASAP.”

“I would characterize it more as finding the missing pieces rather than debugging at this stage, … Typically the messiest part of the jailbreak process has been installing it in the first place.”

“But again, I can’t give any specifics. The jailbreak itself is stable but we’re missing needed exploits. I can’t discuss what we’re missing.”

When CultofMac asked planetbeing if the status of the iPhone 5 jailbreak was “grim” (as he had previously stated), he responded “Not at all.”

Do you think this means the big iOS 6 jailbreak is on its way, or are we just getting our hopes up for another 2 months of waiting?

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