New Patent Hints At Apple-Branded Smart Glasses

New Patent Hints At Apple-Branded Smart Glasses

New Patent Hints At Apple-Branded Smart Glasses

Google’s Project Glass has been blowing up the web lately but incase you’re unaware, Project Glass is a pair of “smart glasses.” In other words, it’s a wearable computer complete with camera, internet, and a ton of built-in Google services like Google+.

It’s all very cool, Sci-Fi stuff and it’s pretty unique. Or, it was. A new Apple patent suggests that Google isn’t the only company thinking about wearable tech.

The patent, which was granted to the Cupertino-based company Tuesday, is called “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays,” and it’s all about projecting an image onto a user’s eyes using one or two displays to create a truly immersive experience. According to the patent,

“A first display projects an image viewable by a first eye of the user. A first peripheral light element is positioned to emit light of one or more colors in close proximity to the periphery of the first display. A receives data representing a source image, processes the data representing the source image to generate a first image for the first display and to generate a first set of peripheral conditioning signals for the first peripheral light element, directs the first image to the first display, and directs the first set of peripheral conditioning signals to the first peripheral light element.”

In other words, these head mounted LCD displays would be be very close to a user’s eyes and actually project an image into both the direct and peripheral vision, creating a totally immersive image that looks like a floating display.

Of course, if we’ve learned anything from examining past Apple patents, it’s that they’re no guarantee we’ll see anything concrete. That being said, though, this isn’t the first time Apple has been associated with this sort of technology.

Apple filed another set of patents pertaining to wearable computers back in 2008 and even hired a wearable computing engineer in 2010. At the very least, the idea is definitely on someone’s mind over at Apple.

Personally I’m a bit skeptical, but I’m sure if Apple were to create something like this it would be pretty awesome. What do you guys think? Would you jump at the chance to get your hands on a pair of Apple iGlasses, or do you prefer your electronics in your hand, not on your face? Comment below

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