Over on the MacRumors forums there’s a thread opened by a customer complaining at the iPad mini’s small text on display. The reader, “Martylaa” posted:

“I love the mini, much more than my ipad 3 but after a week I am realising this screen is hard work in my eyes for reading my books and when I load Internet sites up I have to expand the screen otherwise it’s a strain on my eyes.
My vision is perfect but this screen and the text size on pages is starting to make me think I might return it and get one in the future when the screen is retina.”

Many who responded were suffering with the same frustrations. Many of who are returning (or have returned) the mini for a full-size iPad 4. Personally, I’ve noticed that in certain apps (like comic book readers) text can get pretty difficult to read.

The small text is difficult to make out, not only because it’s shrunk to fit the smaller display, but also because the lower resolution means it’s a little fuzzy. I don’t do a lot of comic book reading, and so didn’t notice it that much until David Beren pointed it out to me.

Sadly, and rather unfortunately, I’m the worst person to ask about eye strain and headaches with small text. I’m long sighted, and always have to wear glasses (with anti-glare) for anything computer-based. So, I’d have a headache with even the biggest text without my spectacles sat on the bridge of my nose.

So, I wanted to know: are any of you suffering from headaches due to the iPad mini’s display? Have you returned it for a larger iPad, or planning to return it? Let us know in the comments

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