Despite yesterday (Wed, October 10th) coming and going without even a hint of media event invites, iPad mini rumors are still going strong. The smaller device is expected to feature a square-ish aluminum back, a 7.85″ display and come as a Wi-Fi only option to begin with.

Although some are expecting it to compete with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 on the price point front, I’m still not convinced. If the iPod touch costs $299 with a 4-inch screen and similar internal makeup to the rumored iPad mini, I just can’t see the mythical device coming in under that.

The latest leak (above) shows that retailers are gearing up for an influx of third party accessories compatible with the iPad mini. AppleInsider got hold of the images from a source within a retail chain, who forwarded on information regarding instructions on building these stands within the stores.

Sadly, the one piece of information that’s missing is the one which would indicate whether or not this leak can be trusted: which store? If it was from an Apple retail store, or even a major partner like Best Buy, I’d be inclined to go along with it. But, even case leaks and alleged iPad mini parts being spilled online don’t convince me yet that the smaller tablet is anything more than a rumor. I’m happy for Apple to change my mind though.

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