This is one of those articles I was on the fence about writing, so I hope you’ll find some humor in it as I did. The thing is, after every iPhone launch, there’s always a critic, or someone who thinks the new iPhone boring, or someone that says Apple didn’t change the home screen, introduce live tiles or themes, or this or that or something else.

We know this to be a staple part of the aftermath of any Apple iPhone keynote and so it doesn’t really tend to bother the iPhone diehards who not only expect, but anticipate disappointment these days.

Still, the Tweets collected by the folks at Gizmodo made wonder a little. We know there are going to be folks who aren’t happy with any new iPhone launch considering the expectations that we, the media help create.

Had Apple made the phone heavier, would these same folks be complaining about it being too thick? I’m not saying that it’s not ok to complain or be disappointed, but I think we should all try and appreciate what Apple has done with their technology, especially considering how well-built the iPhone 5 is compared to the competition.

I’m not saying being lighter is a good thing, or a bad thing, but the reasoning here does seem a little silly or maybe after this week I’m just tired, loopy and finding humor where none exists. What do you think? Too light? Just right? Doesn’t matter?

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