Apple IPhone’s Market Share Miles Ahead Of Nearest Competitor

Nielsen released its most recent research on the US smartphone market. In the smartphone operating system race, Android is doing very well on 51%, Apple’s iOS is steadily growing and sits pretty at just over a third of the market.

Windows Phone is yet to capture the consumer’s imagination, and webOS is dead. It may look all well and good for Google, but in terms of how well the manufacturers are doing, no one comes close to the iPhone.

And you can be certain that Samsung, HTC and Motorola care only about how many phones they sell. They wouldn’t give a monkeys if Android was at 80% if they were only selling 2% of the Google powered handsets.

The fact is, it’s simple to just lump all the Android phones together. In this case, I’d much rather be in Apple’s position. 34% of the platform market, and 34% of the hardware market. It’s a huge presence, and not one which could easily be diminished.

Apple’s nearest competitor is Samsung, who sold just over half (17.5%) as many smartphones as Cupertino. After that, it’s HTC on 17.4%, Motorola on 11%, and RIM on 9%. Interesting that although BlackBerry is clearly on a dangerous downward slope, it’s still not far off Motorola’s smartphone sales.

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