AirPods Order Begin To Move Into ‘Preparing For Shipment’ While Some Orders Are Now Shipping

According to a ton of customers who placed their orders early Tuesday Morning, Apple has began charging customer credit cards for those who ordered AirPods. As per usual, this means orders are starting to move to the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ stage in the order process, with some Australian orders beginning to ship.

The earliest AirPods shipments seem to be Monday, December 19. It appears select customers outside of the United States were able to get this ship date. In the United States, the earliest arrival date will be Wednesday, December 21.

So far, customers who have been charged are those who ordered AirPods as soon as they were available. As time progresses, we expect customers who ordered later will see their credit cards charged.

While there’s no confirmation of this, there’s always a small number of users who get their gadgets earlier than the official launch date, but those are far and few in between. With customers credit cards being charged now and Apple Stores slated to receive stock on Monday, it’s totally possible those with the December 21 arrival dates may see them earlier than expected.

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