Rumor: Next Gen IPhone’s LTE Chips Going In To Mass Production

Remember the day when rumors from DigiTimes were almost concrete? Yeah, me too. Those days are long gone, and sadly the site has definitely more misses than hits over the past 18 months when it comes to iPhone parts and features.

And, although I’d like to advise a pinch of salt with the following speculation spinning, it does seem plausible and pretty sensible.

According to the Asian online publication, Qualcomm has begun pumping out 4G LTE chips to be installed in the next generation iPhone. Timing seems about right, especially if the manufacturer is going to get enough of the chips to the assembly plants in China in time.

Normally, phones start assembly from the middle of August, if it’s to launch in October. So, it gives the chip maker plenty of time to ramp up the chipsets and get them to Foxconn in time for the iPhone to be put together.

Qualcomm and Broadcom are producing 4G and Wi-Fi chips using a 28nm process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), indicated the sources, adding that OmniVision is currently also seeking capacity at TSMC’s 12-inch fab, resulting a tight production capacity for the foundry’s 28nm process.

With the 3rd gen iPad being equipped with LTE, it’d be utterly daft for Apple not to include the same method of connectivity in the 6th iPhone.

Hence why I’m hesitant to dismiss this rumor. However rare it is these days that DigiTimes gets something right, when it comes to component manufacturing, the site is pretty reliable.

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