Sony To Put An End To Touch Screen Glare?

Sony To Put An End To Touch Screen Glare
Sony To Put An End To Touch Screen Glare
The top screen is rockin’ a traditional conductive film, the middle screen has the new conductive film, and the bottom screen has both the new conductive film as well as the moth-eye low-reflection film

Sony may not be making headlines with big tough-enabled gadgets, but that doesn’t mean the tech giant isn’t a major player in the touch screen game. Sony is looking to solve an age-old problem that’s plagued touch screens (all screens, really) for as long as I can remember: glare.

The company has been working on a brand new screen coating that could, if perfected, greatly reduce the amount of external light reflected by our favorite touch-based gadgets.

Up until now, manufacturers have attempted to reduce glare by creating screens out of layers of different materials with differing refraction indexes.This method was successful to an extent, but it certainly didn’t eliminate screen glare.

Sony is taking a different approach by developing a custom film that was actually inspired by the way a moth’s eyes work. The surface of the film is dominated by mosaic of microscopic concave and convex structures.

This unique pattern evenly bounces outside light away from a user’s eyes, thus reducing glare. Sony’s custom coating is unique because it’s said to be effective against a far wider range of light wavelengths than any anti-reflective coating currently 0n the market.

Unfortunately the only way to see this glare-reducing coating in action is at demo booths at trade shows, and it’s probably still a ways away from making it onto our personal gadgets.

That being said, this definitely sounds promising and I can’t wait for the day when I can whip out my iPhone in direct sunlight and not have to huddle over it in order to see the screen!

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