Steve Jobs Figurine? IDon’t Think So.

On December 31st our very own Bryce Daniel reported the planned release of a Steve Jobs figurine, if you haven’t read the article already, I seriously recommend you check it out here before continuing.

Now that you’ve read that article (if you haven’t, this is your final warning) you’ll be unsurprised to hear that Apple have stepped in and asked Chinese manufacturer In Icons to cease production of the 12″ model.

Can Apple really claim to own somebody’s face?

A report from British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reads:

The 12-inch figurine… was created by Chinese company In Icons and was set for release in February. But ‘their efforts have reportedly met with’ a legal challenge with Apple allegedly threatening to sue the toy maker unless they cease trading.

In Icons Tandy Cheung replied with the following statement:

“Apple can do anything they like. I will not stop, we already started production…Steve Jobs is not an actor, he’s just a celebrity… There is no copyright protection for a normal person… Steve Jobs is not a product… so I don’t think Apple has the copyright of him.

According to the original report Apple is claiming the rights to Steve Jobs’ likeness, in a letter issued to the Chinese company Apple warned the manufacturers that toys using the Apple logo, a person’s name, or likeness of Jobs is considered a criminal offense.

Should things escalate, this could prove to be one of Apple more interesting court cases this year, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in 2010, Apple forced company MICGadget to stop selling their Steve Jobs figurine, which can be seen in a report over at 9to5Mac.

What do you think of all this? Are Apple picking a needless fight over a trivial doll? Or do Apple have the right to protect their revered former CEO? Post up below!


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