Get Sneaky In Class – Use Your IPhone Without Being Caught

As we all know class is super boring. Especially when your teacher is giving another lecture on World War 2. Don’t you just wish you could get out of the boring world of history and go into the awesome world of apps, music, and texting your friends without being caught in class? If you know the right technique you won’t get caught 😉

So you want to listen to music? You will need a jacket, headphones, and your music player. First carefully get your iPod out and decide which song to play. Quickly slip the iPod in the inside of your jacket and run the headphone cord through your sleeve making its way to the end of your sleeve.

Take one ear phone and place it in your ear and place your hand over it. That way it looks like you’re casually listening to the teacher but you’re really rocking out to your music.

Say your friends have phones in class too and you want to text them from your seat but if you get caught you’ll spend your afternoon in the principal’s office. If you learn the way of stealth texting you won’t have to deal with that. You need a jacket with a front pocket, scissors, and your phone.

First, at home cut a very small, unnoticeable window for you to see the screen in your jacket’s pocket. Obviously, don’t use your fav jacket for this, an old one will do. Then try it on and place your phone in the pocket and text away by looking down at the screen. Don’t make it look too obvious. You can also check your social networks with this method.

I am sure there are many ways to be sneaky in class but I hope you enjoyed these two.

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