How to Move from MobileMe to iCloudMuch has been made of Apple’s new cloud service, and that’s as it should be. It brings a new lease of life to iPhones, iPads and iPods (Touch only), and replaces the over-priced and ancient MobileMe service.

MobileMe will cease to exist from next summer, but, if you want to take advantage of Apple’s new service in the sky without having to create a new “” email address you’ll be pleased to know it’s relatively simple to move across.

1. Update your Mac software to the latest version, OS X 10.7.2. You can do this by running a software update through System Preferences. The latest version of Mac OS X includes the iCloud feature enabling you store emails, contacts, calendars, apps, iWork documents etc.

2. Update you iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch OS to the latest, iOS 5. It’s available now and can be downloaded the usual way, through iTunes.

3. Head over to This opens up a page which enables you to move your MobileMe account over to iCloud. Here you’ll notice it asks if you have iOS 5 on your iDevice(s) and iCloud on your Mac.

(Hence why this how to guide started with those two. Go through the screens, check the boxes and agree to the terms and that should be you all done.

Let us know if you have any problems. I keep getting this screen while attempting it, but others have switched smoothly with no issues at all.

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