New Features In IOS 5 Beta 2

iOS 5.0 beta 2 was released yesterday and there have been a few new features spotted. Most of these are extremely minor changes, however there is one major feature that was turned on in the beta.

WiFi syncing

This feature was a major one featured at WWDC ’11. Really, it works as expected with no errors. I restored my iPad last night, docked it and set it to WiFi sync; this morning, all my content was on it. It was truly amazing and is definitely the way of the future (good thing the future is now, right?).

Crisper Font in Messages

The Messages application has a new font, and it looks a lot crisper. You can see a picture of that below.

iCloud icon changed

In iOS 5b1, the icon for iCloud in settings was originally purple. Not anymore, the purple icon has been replaced by the brushed aluminum one, and it looks a lot better.

New Notification Lock-Screen Look

Not so much new, however it is a minor change. When your phone receives a
notification, it’ll display the most recent one as a bubble. Then, when the notification has been there for a minute or so, it turns into the bars like the previous beta.

That’s pretty much it for changes. If you’re a developer and find anything else, be sure to leave a comment

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