Simple, Yet Adorable: The PadFoot IPad Stand

At first, I thought the iPad’s inherent lack of stand was a flaw. Back when this was a rumored device, I must’ve harbored some sort of subconscious fantasy that Apple would include a kickstand in the tablet, not unlike the HTC Evo’s built-in wonder.

Simple, yet adorable The PadFoot iPad stand

Who was I kidding? There was no way Cupertino was going to go against its minimalistic design ethos. Not just that, but it would’ve curtailed the blossoming niche accessories market of dedicated iPad stands.

Now I’m kind of happy that the tablet didn’t come with one. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have cute little items like this to spend our money on.

Imagine just throwing this little PadFoot into your bag as a portable stand. PadFoot is a piece of polyamide that weighs just 15 grams, but still holds up that iPad like a champ in both portrait or landscape. And if you’re typing on a flat surface, it’s a no-brainer for propping up the tablet (under the top half) for some stability.

Dare I say, it’s even more minimalist than the Joule iPad stand (below)? No doubt, that $129 stand is way more of a stunner, but at least the Padfoot is lighter and cheaper, at $30.

The only real downside of the PadFoot is not the elementary nature of its design, but the price tag. At $10, even $20, it would have been a no-brainer. But $30? That’s a bit steep for what you get, in my opinion. For just 10 bucks more, you can get the gorgeous and completely collapsible Compass Stand for $40. As a portable iPad holder, it tops my list.

I’m still searching for a stationary product to use at home. I’m looking for one that’s stable and good-looking, but features a rotating or pivoting feature, for landscape and portrait views, while also being able to accommodate a charging cable (without junking up the sleek, pretty looks of my device). So far, the $50 HexaPose Stand is looking somewhat promising, if a bit chunky.

What iPad stand do you use? Or do you have your eye on a different one? We’re coming up with an iPad essentials list, so weigh in with your thoughts in the comments, for possible inclusion in an upcoming post.

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