Supply chain rumor suggests Apple Pencil 2 will launch alongside iPad Pro this year


While rumors of a new iPad Pro coming this year has been around for several months now, there has been no speculation surrounding a second generation Apple Pencil. According to sketchy rumors from Chinese social media, Apple Pencil 2 will be launching alongside new iPad Pro models this year.

The rumor seems to be based of supply chain sources, however Chinese social media as a source may not be the best in terms of credibility.

There seems to be no details beyond the fact that there’s a new one on the horizon, however. Although the functionality of a new Pencil are endless, anything from Mac trackpad support, down to iPhone support are all possible.

In terms of iPads, we’re expecting a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a low-cost 9.7-inch model, and a brand new 10.5-inch model with reduced bezels.

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  • Minolta

    Will there still be no support for it built into the OS?

    The lack of any way to hand-write text instead of using the keyboard is unbelievable. The Palm Pilot of the ’90s had this nailed, but Apple’s $800 hand-held Unix computer and $100 stylus can’t do it? EMBARRASSING.

    And of course there’s the on-going bungle of not giving users any place to PUT the Pencil. Apple announces the Pencil as one of the big draws of the iPad Pro, but the iPad Pro doesn’t have any place to store the pencil. So, you’re just supposed to jam it into a pocket to get broken, or leave it rolling around on a desk or counter?

    Yep, that’s Apple’s legendary “attention to detail.”