Patent Troll Claims That Messages App Is Infringing 2002 Point-Of-Sales Patent

A pretty odd patent troll claims that Apple’s Messages app is infringing on a 2002 point-of-sales patent, reports Patently Apple. The patent in question, claimed by Seatoun Media, seems to describe a system for ordering voice messaging products, rather than being a messaging client.

It is a purpose of the present invention to provide for a simple and flexible method and system that will permit voice message recording/playback devices to be ordered and recorded during one phone call without the need for expensive switching and voice processing hardware and similarly to provide a flexible system which permits voice message recording/playback devices to be recorded at a point of sale whether that point of sale is accessed by way of a phone call or a personal visit.

For anyone who follows patent trolls, it’ll come to no surprise that this is taking place in Texas Eastern district court. Back in October, a court case ruled that Apple would have to pay $300M in damages due to patent infringements with Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services.

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