Apple Store app update to offer free iTunes downloads


According to numerous reports, Apple will release an updated version of its Apple Store application for the iPhone and iPod touch within the next week. Aside from the usual amount of bug fixes that come standard with app updates, the new Apple Store app will feature a redesigned interface, and a few cool new features including free downloadable iTunes content!

As you can see from the leaked image above, the app offers users the ability to download an App Store app for free. This is reportedly all part of Tim Cook’s plan to improve iPhone sales direct from Apple’s sales channels. By giving away free downloads via the Apple Store app, Cook will drive a great number of users to download the Apple Store application, exposing the maximum amount of people to Apple’s digital storefront.

According to 9to5 Mac’s Mark Gurman,

“Sources say that the new app update is also designed to go hand-in-hand with a new initiative in Apple Stores. When a new iOS Device is sold, Apple employees will be encouraged to install the new Apple Store app on the newly purchased device. According to comments from Tim Cook at last month’s secretive summit for Retail Leadership, only 20% of Apple customers are aware of the Apple Store app’s existence. This new plan will certainly increase that percentage.”

This latest update to the Apple Store app comes after another update earlier this year that brought push notification alerts to users when they were eligible for an iPhone upgrade. This, Gurman says, is no coincidence. Keep your eyes peeled for the update, which will reportedly go live on Tuesday, July 23rd which, for those of you who have been paying attention, is the same day Apple will hold its quarterly earnings call.


Via:9to5 Mac

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  • jamescharley22

    Not even every Apple Store employee knows about the app.  I once bought a keyboard and a 30-pin to VGA adapter with the app and the store called security because they thought I was shoplifting.  Even security thought it was a fraud, it took me a good half hour to show them how it worked and convince them I was innocent.

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