iOS 7 first looks & hands on [VID]

I’ve only had the pleasure of using iOS 7 for a few hours now, but I must admit that I’m impressed. The redesign really extends to every level of the operating system – from the smallest detail (like the live clock icon) to the biggest changes (Control Center), everything feels complete, well thought out, and totally uniform. It’s still “iPhone” enough that you’ll know how to use it the moment you pick it up, but it’s updated to the point where it feels like you’re getting a new phone.

We’ll be keeping you updated with in-depth looks at particular features in iOS 7 as we get more acquainted with the software over the next couple days, but as of now I’ve got nothing to complain about. In the mean time, check out the rest of our iOS 7 coverage!

– WWDC keynote round up vid:
– iOS 7 announced:
– iTunes Radio official:
– iOS 7 compatibility:

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  • corytn

    All the awards to you for playing The Format! But why does it match Foster The People when looking at them in the artist tab???

  • AdrianAcevedo

    @corytn I love the Format. Nate is amazing. Oceans is my favorite song lol

  • Gususus

    I want it now

  • pld940

    Are there any major bugs you have found? I want to get the beta, but need to know if it is stable.

  • timothybrabant

    I’d love to see what notifications looks like now. Either being on the lock screen or the banners the top I’m sure they have a new look too that nobody has really shown yet.

  • Surfergirl

    Does it have quick reply???

  • TiP_Griffin

    @corytn Chalk it up to a bug in the beta… Every time I go to Music, that song has a different album art lol