Samsung Copying Apple’s Screenshots?

Samsung copying Apple’s screenshots

It appears that Samsung is really doing itself no favors in light of the recent and intense lawsuit between itself and Apple. When the promotional shot of the Galaxy Player showed up online, Daring Fireball writer, John Gruber commented – and rightly – that the maps app looked way too similar to the iPhone.

Samsung copying Apple’s screenshots

The image on the right is of the Galaxy Player with iOS-inspired maps interface. It turns out though, that this is more than just inspired by Apple’s maps app. It’s a direct copy from the screenshot taken from Laura Scott‘s iPhone.

In the past when it comes to this lawsuit, I’ve always sided with Samsung, stating that Apple’s pursuit of completely banning competing products is ridiculous. Seeing this, it’s clear in some cases that Samsung is “slavishly copying” Apple.

All the designers did here was remove the status bar and replace it with an Android one. How lazy can you get? Surely creating their own wouldn’t have taken that much effort.

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