iOS 7 design will most likely change for final release

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During the unveiling of iOS 7 at Apple’s WWDC, there were many mixed reviews about the look of the new operating system that will power iDevices. While many were positive, including most of the Today’s iPhone crew, many others pointed out that there were many inconsistencies in things such as app logos. For example, the Safari icon fades from light to dark (top to bottom) whereas the Mail and Weather icons both fade from dark to light (which can be seen in the image above). Many believe that this leads the overall UI to look sloppy.

However, a new report today claims that the design of iOS 7 will most likely change before the final release. According to The Next Web, many app icons were designed by Apple’s marketing team, not by Jony Ive’s app design team. The icons were then handed over to Ive’s team as a color pallet to design the internals of each app. However, it is also reported that the different teams (such as the team assigned to Safari and Mail) were kept separate and that is what led to the inconsistencies in app icon designs.

While the iOS 7 that was shown off to developers seems like a good product, it is apparently no where close to being a finished product. I have had the pleasure of using iOS 7 for the past couple of days, and I personally haven’t encountered many of the bugs that have been reported, and am fortunate enough to have my OS run fairly smoothly (except for the extra battery drain). While I have had a good experience with iOS 7, and the icon differences don’t bug me at all, I am glad to see that Apple’s design team is still hard at work with iOS 7.

The Next Web claims that the current beta released to developers is a “mid stride” snapshot of what to expect from the final release, and that some of the demos used on stage at WWDC were actually newer versions of the software than what was released to developers. It is believed that many of the app icons will be changed before the release to consumers, and updates to betas will be more significant than previous versions of iOS betas.

Are you glad that Apple is still hard at work redesigning iOS, and fixing many of the little issues with the current beta? Do you think Apple should’ve waited to reveal the new operating system until it was closer to being complete? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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  • thewaterboy80

    You said it all right there….a lot of people are not taking into account that this is a BETA version…an unfinished product, im sure we will see a lot of improvements with iOS 7 in the coming month and even a few new features that we don’t know about yet, Personally im really excited about the new improvements Apple has made to iOS 7 and i cant wait to get my hands on it in the fall and despite what Wall Street has said all i have herd all over the internet is how people are impressed about how much Apple has changed iOS 7 and how they cant wait to try it…..Apple didn’t listen to Wall Street…..they listened to the people that mattered the most and that’s there consumers.

  • Coleslaw

    I’m so happy! I’m using the beta, too and I honestly love it. Not too many bugs and few crashes so far. Fingers crossed. Anybody else still have the old voice for Siri though?

  • pld940

    I think the fades match the “icon” …… If they change it fine, but I’m perfectly fine with the icons how they are now. Also, most of the haters are fandroids.

  • LioLion

    I am a big apple fan, all my devices are apple. These colors are ridiculous, they need more contrast, the green is too bright for the eye, the safari icon is simply childish including the weather icon. I love the new features of ios7 but i really hope they change the colors and the icons overall. Steve Jobs is turing in his grave, as a graphic designer i say that this is a huge disappointment. I am used to Apple’s creativity and uniqe designes when it comes to graphics, this is like a slap in the face, again i’m talking about graphic design here only, although the folder zoom in is not necessary, it was smarter before including the old gray colors, maybe add transparency but difinitly not whitish like they have it in ios7. Control center: horrible colors and horrible icons. I was looking at ios7 graphics and going what the F…. is that!! You must be kidding!!

  • Being a beta, I totally expect the final release version to be much different from what we’re seeing now. Not only will the experience be more polished, but we’ll also find Apple will have responded to developer and beta tester feedback. I personally don’t totally like the icons and folders as they are now. They need tweaking, but I’m fully confident Apple will make those tweaks by this fall.

  • DrewPage

    You might be right Griffin, but I can’t believe that Apple would show off iOS 7 only to make it totally different in the final version.  At most, we are talking tweaks to the icons, and other inconsistencies.  I really, really think Apple should require proof of developer status to get a dev. account.  Normal users running a Beta 1 and then complaining about it is bad press that Apple doesn’t need right now.  Then again, maybe this is their way of getting it out there and having users test it without actually issuing a public beta.

  • @DrewPage They technically do require proof of developer status to download the beta and ‘activate’ it. There just are ways around it that people jump at. Some of those people probably do it just to complain, sadly.