Report Apple To Use ARM Chips For Low-Power Processes Alongside Intel Chips In Macs Next Year

Bloomberg reports that Apple is developing its own ARM-based chips that would appear in Macs, specifically MacBook Pros, as soon as this year. The report states that the new chip will be handling lower-power tasks alongside Intel chips.

A full switch to ARM chips on Macs is highly unlikely, as this ARM-based chip would be working alongside Intel’s main processor. Issues with Intel’s chip release cycles has fueled some speculation that Apple could one day move to ARM chips completely.

However, for now, it seems like Apple wants the ARM chips to focus on low-power tasks.

The updated part, internally codenamed T310, would handle some of the computer’s low-power mode functionality, they said. […]

Apple engineers are planning to offload the Mac’s low-power mode, a feature marketed as “Power Nap,” to the next-generation ARM-based chip.

The new chip could be coming to an updated MacBook Pro later this year.

The new chip may first become available in an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro laptop planned for later this year, the people said.

Having a dedicated chip to handle lower-power tasks could help aid battery life, which is a huge issue with the latest generation MacBook Pros. The iPhone, for example, has a low-power co-processor that handles raise to wake and the ‘Hey Siri’ command.

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