Rumor: iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to have dual cores?


Those of with certain later model desktops and laptops know the power of dual core CPUs. But could the next iPhone 5 and iPad 2 feature them as well?

They’d have to, if they hope to stay on top in the increasingly competitive marketplace. That’s the basis for the latest rumors originating from an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw. Ashok Kumar claims that the next iPad will have the dual cores in order to do battle with RIM’s PlayBook tablet and the Android Honeycomb Moto tablet.

“Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer,” says Kumar. “A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores.” And as we know, the current A4 processor in the iPad and iPhone 4 are the same, so if it’s in one next-gen device, chances are good it will be in the other – which is just what Kumar expects to happen. Whether one or both, this would definitely be a first for any iOS device.

Any holdouts in the viewing audience? If the iPhone 5, iPad 2 or both get dual cores, would this be enough to tip you over the edge and prompt you to buy? Let us know in the comments.




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  • AnonyMouse

    Just another blaring example that Apple is falling behind. Dual cores coming to android is no rumor but an upcoming standard. Though, I am sure that even though when the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 come out there will be a ton of other devices with dual cores that are faster..I am sure Jobs will try and trump it up in his normal vaguely redundant way with the traditional “magical” “revolutionary” etc words.

    Though the fatal flaw for Apple is that while they are having only hints at having dual cores, and still have people waiting months to purchase any device, android and blackberry are already going to be pumping them out long before Apple does. Not to mention that apple still have many growing faults like its horribly poor notification system, the hard to type on iPad keyboard, lower RAM that competitors, no Flash support, Poor HTML 5 support compared to the competition and just in general, etc.

    • DL

      HAHAhAHAHAHAHA. “Fatal flaw for Apple?” Are you living in the same universe we are?

      PEOPLE don’t care what processors are in their phones. Just that they work. And Apple makes things work superbly. Now tell me again which button does what on your Android?

      • AnonyMouse

        @DL Actually people do care quite a bit about what processor is in their devices. Afterall, one of the biggest issues with windows devices was the slow processors. Windows lost a lot of ground because the hardware sucked.

        While people may not care to know everything about the processor, one thing about recent smart phones is their ability to perform. If we have dual core processors running at 1.5ghz (which are phones coming out very soon for android before the iphone 5 hits shelves) and iphone 5 only comes out with dual core 1ghz (like the article suggests) or even dual core 1.2ghz….then dont you think that android is going to perform better.

        What about the difference in the current ipad processor and the playbook processor…the playbook performs so much better than the ipad when doing just about anything…especially html 5.

        Processors are very important and you cant just “make something work” without having a decent processor.

        It is a fatal flaw for apple because their strict little timeline and the fact that their design budget is significantly more than their engineering budget is going to put them under.

        Why do you think more people are buying android phones than they are apple products. Why do you think the TAB has sold over a million devices even without the namebrand recognition of that partially eaten apple logo.

        Faster and more efficient processors are going to help with battery life because they wont be working so hard, they will be able to support higher resolution screens and output, they will be able to handle graphics better, they will be able to allow for more flash content (non apple products only haha) and better html5 and better web browsing all around. The better processors that are coming out in the android phones are going to obliterate anything that is coming from the lagging apple products.

        Sure we all want something to just work….but if you ignore quality hardware than then you wind up with a product that just works as a phone (oh wait apple products have never been good as making phone calls so I guess you dont even get that)

        So androids better processor means it just works to put out 1080p screens, (even possible 3d screens as already showing on some future devices), pump out high end 3d games, have 10mp+ cameras with 1080p recording, and more. Whereas apple’s wannabe processors are going to just work to do only a part of that.

        If I want something to “just work” Ill be happy to go with apple….if I want something to “just work better” than Ill go with something else….

      • AnonyMouse

        @DL BTW, if people didnt care what kind of processors were in their phone we wouldn’t even be having this discussion on this article lol

        And I have a button on my android that does hands free voice commands, voice search, voice navigation, and more. Another button that allows me to navigate to any screen I want, another button that allows more options in any application I have running without the need to waste screen space (on such a small screen as apple has) with extra on screen keys,….and not to mention that my buttons allow me to do so much more than that miniscule dinky little home button on iphone and ipad. What can you do with that? tao one for home, tap twice for fake multitasking? Really? How awesome is that. hahaha

  • Justin

    That would be neat but a little face lift would be better. To much of the dual core would kill the battery. I think the 1gz is fast enough.

  • Ashkan

    Apple does not have to have the latest technology in their devices to sell. Because they got the app store :)

    • Zach

      I read that Jobs is interested in replicating the iOS app routine now in iTunes, only do it for Mac this time around. There are a lot of interesting bits surrounding this story one of them is interoperability back & forth with iPhone, iPad, and Mac with these Apps now just sitting there in iTunes.

  • Brandon

    I was seriously considering putting some money aside for the Ipad 2 but then I remeberd it dosen’t support flash and decided to look for a diffrent tablet device lol

  • AnonyMouse

    The app store is a weak link now, considering that apples app store is the most expensive, about 1/3rd is only ebooks, and androids apps store is already considered surpassing apples by many (heck even aaron…the resident apple fanboy over at, this sites sister site, was saying so). Not only does android market surpass in quality (according to aaron and others) but the rate of growth is exponential and by the end of 2011 it is very possible that there will be more apps on android

    • Henry

      Wow. I cannot believe you just denied the link between the App Store and Apple’s success in the mobile sector. The App Store is the reason why Apple does so well. Apple has more people developing for it than Google does for Android. I often compare the multitude of quality and quantity of apps in the App Store vs. the Android Market with my friend…he is always wowed by the sheer volume of apps and the quality. Developers not only favor the Apple App Store because of size, but also because they only have to develop for a single basic hardware platform whereas Android devs have to count in the numerous different devices and software versions. As of August 2010, 83% of Android phones ran the 2.x versions, and 17% still run 1.5 and 1.6.

      • AnonyMouse

        Fragmentation is alive and well in the apple world too, the only problem is that jobs doesnt let you see the records lol.

        As far how many people are developing for apple vs android. Actually more developers have come out saying that they prefer developing for android over apple because they are free to develop apps the way they want and not under the domination of apple. More people are developing for android than for apple. As far as quality goes…well considering that all the quality apps on apple are already available on android with a few exceptions, and android has other quality apps that apple wouldnt let into their store for whatever hair up their arse reason…yeah.

        Oh and wheres your flash? lol. not to mention if there are so many developers out there for apple then why does html5 suckk so bad on iphones and ipads? Why doesnt airstream have more compatibility? Why isnt there true multitasking on apple? Why isnt there better notification systems on apple? etc.

        Sure Apple’s app store WAS its key point, and for many it still is. The problem with it now is that independent researchers (who do more than just compare it with their relatives phone) have found that about 1/3rd of apples app store is just ebooks. So that kills the 300K number down to 200K. Not to mention that the apps in the app store are so expensive compared to other app stores. I would rather be able to to spend $0.00 on android and even blackberry and palm to get apps (and better apps) than spend a few hundred bucks a month to get the same apps. The 400+ apps I have on my android phone…year I checked them out on the apple market and it would have cost me over 100 bucks or more just to have them on apple and I got them all for free on android. hahahaha.
        So while you spend your money on the apple app store, I will be laughing as I spend my money on other things…like better android phones.

  • Over these morons

    Love all the apple haters on these sites.

    Apple comes up with the ipod- not the first mp3 player, but a game changer.

    Apple comes up with the iphone-it is the basis for all market leading phones. They came up with the idea (touch screen/apps/video). Everyone else copied them.

    Apple came out with the tablet- Now everyone else is copying them.

    Without Apple all you crazy folks who complain about what apple doesn’t do wouldn’t have any products to compare them to. Just remember, copying a great idea is easy. Innovation takes brilliance. So talk trash and complain. But apple will always innovate while everyone else just copies their ideas. And whether you like it or not, apple makes the market for electronics a better place.

    • Henry

      Love all the apple fanboys on these sites.

      Apple came up with the iPod…an invention that took a while to catch on.

      Apple came up with an expensive successor to the Newton. A Newton with a phone to be exact. Touchscreen technology was on the market for YEARS before Apple arrived.

      Apple came out with the iPad…a common feminine produ….oh wait that iPad. Sarcasm aside, Apple was far from the first here either. Tablets were introduced in the early 2000s but never caught on.

      And so Apple copied GUIs from Xerox…Steve Jobs himself said “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” in 1996. Apple steals(and stole) ideas from other companies to get these great products, so now it is time for them to taste a bit of their own medicine. Steve Jobs said in 2010 “competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.” I hope I opened your eyes to Apple’s philosophy. I am not saying they don’t make great products, they do. But they do not do it the way you described. There are a lot of lawsuits filed against Apple for patent infringement or copyright violations.

      • AnonyMouse

        Just cause apple may have had a couple year run where they did come out with some nice and new features that lit a fire under the arse of the mobile industry does not mean that they continue to do so. Apple products are not revolutionary anymore. Android is actually on the revolutionary front. Most of the new apple features are mimicking others. (not like they didnt steal their ideas from tons of others anyways)

        Afterall, apple may have been the Model T, but android is the ferrari lol.

  • Fozzyfoe

    I would buy an iphone 5 if they added the following to the current iphone 4:

    1. 4G support
    2. 1080p video shooting
    3. expandable storage
    4. Thinner
    5. Swipe keyboard functionality
    6. Much better GPS
    7. Faster CPU/RAM/Storage processing
    8. Solar powered charging
    9. Continue to improve the screen and battery life

    These all would gurantee a sale of a new iphone 5 for me.

    • Henry

      1. True 4G is not even close to being out on the market. It is merely a marketing term for WiMax or LTE.
      2. So image quality doesn’t matter? Nor do FPS? Consumer camcorders struggle to get 1080p and even then only up to 30FPS…imagine that being on a phone. NOT happening.
      3. Apple will not allow for this to happen as it would defeat the need for upgrades(to a larger capacity iPhone).
      4. This is a trend among Apple…their design calls for a continually thinner/lighter profile.
      5. I think you mean “swype” keyboard? I don’t think Apple will allow a third-party application to take over.
      6. What is wrong with A-GPS? And how do you propose a full GPS receiver and a thinner profile? Not happening.
      7. As if a (supposed)1GHZ processor with 512MB of RAM isn’t fast enough…
      8. This is an interesting idea which has floated around, but logic says it will not happen. The amount of energy generated from the amount of area on the iPhone probably is not very significant…much less will it be constantly exposed to light.
      9. The iPhone 4 has arguably the best screen resolution on the market…and a fairly good battery life.
      10. You cannot possibly expect all this technology to spring up in a single generation phase. Apple does NOT work that way. They gradually introduce new features. If you look at iOS…first was the app store…then cut and paste with 3.0…and finally wallpapers and multitasking in 4.0. They release their products with precision and quality. Not speed.

      • AnonyMouse

        1. Actually the ITU already announced wimax, lte, and hspa+ to be 4G. I can see iphone 5 being LTE on VZW only but unlikely. 3G iphones took some time after other 3G devices were out.
        2. Actually there are phones for android in the works to have 1080p recording…
        3. Definitely not something apple will do….because they make more more money from you having to buy the higher capacity phone…..and because the ability to have a memory card is such a scary concept to apple because it allows for the possibility of pirating and non integrated third party products to be used. Same reason they put microchips into the a/v cables for iphones and programmed the latest update to make any non microchipped cords not work so that you had to buy apple branded and couldnt use third party ones.
        4. Probably see thinner, but with more of a design budget than an engineering budget apple is going to be hard pressed to make something thinner and still have guts to it. Afterall, they dont have samsung screen technology that is reducing screen thickness significantly.
        5. Swpe wont come to iphone. Cause not only is it third party, but it would be like steve admitting that an android function is better. I would speculate that steve jobs might try and make something similar to swype and then call it a revolution in keyboard technology.
        6. Yeah…better guts in an iPhone is asking a lot. Apple is more about design than engineering. Like prior posters said…most of the tech came copied from other devices…apple just added style and more marketing to them. Apple is already lagging in the tech performance field…and the iPhone 4 was a bit of a flop in many ways )labeled by many tech publications as “steve job’s windows vista”.
        7. See prior number lol. 1GHZ and 512 RAM is old news. There are phones for android coming out in 2011 with 1.5ghz dual cores with 1gb ram. Saying 1ghz is fast enough is nowadays like saying that a single core computer is fast enough.
        8. Solar powered cell phone chargers are out now and have been for a while. Heck I used to have a solar powered external device charge back in 2000. It would be unlikely for thise feature to be integrated into a phone but definitely likely for it to be an apple accessory that steve jobs tries to claim as his own revolutionary idea.
        9. The iphone 4 does have the best screen resolution…but not the best screen appearance. It is still a very white flushed screen with white balance issues in the screen and camera. The SAMOLED screens are actually more color accurate and better contract ratio. WIth the faster processors coming out for android there are already talks and products in the worlks for 1080p screens at least.
        10. I agree that you cannot expect all these changes from apple. Most likely it will be more of design changes for apple, a little bit of software add-ons (that already exist in other devices but steve jobs will swear they are new and magical and revolutionary to apple products)….and maybe one actually nice feature. However, if jobs wants to keep up with android he is going to have to seriously step up his game and add more features or have more frequent new device releases. A one year apart release was good when all we had were the motorola razor and the windows 5 phones…but that same competition business strategy doesnt work when you have blackberry playbook, android, blackberry 6, windows 7, tegra 2 and tegra 3 tablets, playstation phone, and more.

  • dimetri

    Although I would not consider myself an Apple fanboy by a long shot, Apple has proven time and again to set the bar for what to expect from a phone, media device and tablets. I expect that they eill continue this tradition. although other companies have al begun clamouring to come out with a significant competitor to the iPad they lack one thing that Apple has in its corner right now. A solid foundation. They have fanboys and girls they have a wicked app store the best arguably by some. In addition to that they have a solid foundation with iTunes stringing together the lot of all iDevices. I do believe Android is an excelent well needed competitor to Apple however they need to pollish off there infurstructure and there user expierience before they will make a real run at Apple. I do believe they will soon do this however Apple has a year long head start like they did with the iPhone so Google has some catching up to do.

    • AnonyMouse

      Apple is not innovative anymore. They came out with multitasking because android and blackberry and palm and just about every other phone has it. They are coming out with better speakers because the tab and other tablets have them. They are thinking of dual core (apparently) after android has it, etc.

      I have yet to see anything innovate in a while from apple. Even their sorry excuse for multitasking was a flop. Seriously…if you want to call that multasking then you should call what android and blackberry and palm does as “super multitasking”

  • Daryl

    if the iphone 5 have bluetooth in it , like all other phones it will be more convenient isn’t it?.

  • Andy Kaufman

    I would like to see some improvements in hardware but looking for a refresh in the iOS. It is starting to get, dare I say “boring”.

    • AnonyMouse

      Yeah, the notification system is something they are apparently overhauling after they hired a new person (from palm I believe) to head up the research on it.

      As for widgets…not something you will see on iPhone in a while….widgets would mean you need dedicated home screens to run the widgets…which then would mean that you could not just have an application tray as your home screens like they do not. So they would then have to build an app tray…which would mean that they would then have to develop shortcut links on the main screens, better backgrounds (who wants to stare at their sorry excuse for backgrounds anyways lol) and also have to develop so much more with it. I can see widgets coming with ipad 3 and iphone 6, but definitely not with ipad 2 and iphone 5

  • abigblackguy666

    Just a quick, uninterested observation of the last 24 hours in this abortion of a forum:

    – Some nerd complains about Apple products.

    – Same nerd complains some more about Apple, then turns post into an “Android” advertisement.

    -Variety of relatively rational people say other meaningless things

    -Said nerd cries, then inserts random “lol’s” and “hahaha’s” into speech, then continues explaining why his phone is better than yours.

    -More relatively rational people make decent arguments

    -Nerd, now completely on the defense, uses the “Rhetoric Question” technique to further insult the company/cult that literally every other is now compared to.

    -Argument continues

    Dude. Does it matter that much to you what some company does? Pet a dog, drink a milkshake. Enjoy something real, maybe go see if the sky is actually the same color as the sky in that one windows desktop.

    • ReggirdBatBoy

      Someone likes using the strawman approach lol. How about instead of whining about other people in the comments why dont you try and add some intelligent conversation and your own point of view? or do you just go trolling to bash these apple fanboys and apple haters.

      • A

        AnonyMouse (and this applies to all fanbois of whatever stripe who post long polemics into the ether):

        You have written a book in this thread alone.

        You’re even relying to yourself.

        Do you have a job?

        Do you have a relationship to tend to?

        Turn off your devices!

        Go ski, make love to a woman, read something from someone wiser than yourself. Get lost in the real world.

        Not to be trite, but really, Get A Frickin’ Life! Honestly, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt care not a hoot whether or not you are piously, pompously pimping product. Look, you got a pot belly. Am I wrong? Get up, get rid of it, and get your own frickin’ life!!!!!

        It’s one thing to enjoy electronics, and quite another to religiously identify so completely with an anti-Apple or anti-Android philosophy. You’re bright but unhinged is what I’m saying to you.

        I fear you’re going the route of J. F. Sebastian in Blade Runner — remember he worshiped the Tyrell Corp. — and remember how he ended up? Save yourself, buddy!


        Ah well, you can’t hear. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, Super-nerd. Back to surfing.

        • AnonyMouse

          lol. Well lets see, I have a wife, kids, school, work, I own my own business, I go out regularly and play sports and attend events, I assist in running a non profit foundation, and so on. I have a life, I just spend some of it here doing some tech battling; and no, I am not pro-android as much as I am anti-apple. Apple used to be innovation and I even looked into buy apple products, but apple has become deceptive, underhanded, lies and cheats to get ahead and it honestly bugs me how many people still think of apple as being innovative just cause they buy into the marketing.

          So yes, I have quite a life and a fun one at that. I blog all over the place and actually run my own blog as well. Its stress relief for me actually lol. Just cause I type alot doesnt mean I spend much time doing it. I ype over 120+ WPM on a good day and 90+ on a bad day lol.

          Besides if you wanna talk about getting a life, why are you sitting here blogging long replies on topics (my life) that are unrelated to the article?

          • A

            Because I’m afraid you are a closet crank, a zealot with an unnaturally large axe to grind, an unpaid shill?

            Your long, unbalanced, vituperative screeds are laughably one-sided. You’ve turned this thread into the equivalent of a cable news show.

            I suspect you do this across the web, like a doggie pees on poles.

            That’s why my “long reply”. It was a bit of a vent, but not very long compared to your rants, eh?

            Enjoy, I don’t have any more time.

          • masteram

            no you don’t, you probably hang out with gay guys and suck there D***s!!

  • Keith

    @AnonyMouse: you have waaaaaay too much spare time.
    1. Blackberry is irrelevant.
    2. Android is a mess.

  • Keith

    The next iPhone will be faster and better. That’s for sure. It’s cool to know what hardware Apple uses to accomplish this, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. But, I am a geek, and us geeks like to know how they do it.
    I love my iPhone and cannot imagine living with any other phone. When it’s time to upgrade, I will get another iPhone. When it’s time to upgrade again….android (aaaahhhhh, just kidding!). iPhone forever!
    For those who need to try and convince us fanboys that your phone doesn’t suck as much as we think it does, knock yourself out. There’s a name for that. It’s called iPhone envy (you know you want one).

    • AnonyMouse

      Actually I did have an iCrap lol. I gave it away for free to a family member because I couldnt stand how bad it was compared to android. So no jealousy here.

      • Zach

        Do you even know what kind of garbage you are paying for there? Android is junk! Read this: the article is titled, How Oracle might kill Google’s Android and software patents all at once

  • tech dog

    Didn’t apple fix the white balance issue in iOS 4.1?

  • tech dog

    i heard that the iPhone 5 will have NFC technology built-in to use the phone as a credit card.

  • Billy

    @ AnonyMouse: If you are such an android fanboy, then why are you hanging around on an iPhone/ iPad site? GTF off here and go stick your head up other android fanboys ass. I swear you act like your precious android device could shit you some golden eggs. And stop adding “lol” at the end of everything just so people won’t cuss your stupid ass out. So just go suck on androids small asian penis.

  • tech dog

    @ AnonyMouse: you can suck my D! i have an iPhone 4 16GB and don’t have any problems with it, so you know what, get the F*** off this forum and go jerk off with your android fans in bed!!!!!

    • tech dog

      @Anonymouse: oh and one more thing, at least the iPhone can load apps faster than it takes for YOU to to a shit!!

  • Keith

    His android friends are as boring as his phone. That’s why he hangs out here.

    • tech dog

      That Anonymouse guy thinks he know every F***ing thing about iPhone. he is dead wrong. after that last few remarks he said that pisses me off how he can just say that. if he’s such an andork fan, than he needs get off this F***ing and find some other site that has stupid people like this F***er!

  • Zach

    Not necessary for me… I had the iphone 4 for two weeks and gave it back simply because of the AT&T Reception in my area it had nothing to do with the iPhone 4 itself, I am getting the iPhone 5 with Verizon as my carrier although it will still be available on AT&T. I am hoping there will be an additional carrier as well to create a little downward price push there. The dual-core chip is a plus though, a huge plus hope it happens on the upcoming iteration.

  • Zach

    Hello everybody I just joined your discussion. I would like to get you OFF the defensive here a bit and ON the offensive if you don’t mind. And, I would like to start with a definition, and it’s definition that can be found in several places, but I like the one in Webopedia just because.
    ANDROID FRAGMENTATION – The threat or concern that a proliferation of diverging variants of the Android platform will result in the inability of some devices to properly run apps written with the Android SDK. With a large number of custom versions of the Android platform emerging, the concern is that interoperability will be weakened as a result of the potential for applications built specifically for one variant or device not being able to work with others.

    It appears that the makers of Android (Gurgle) were attempting to make a sort of Mozilla out of thin air with the introduction of Android that would spur on a developer’s environment, but there has to be something in it for those hardworking developer’s, right? .. But, Mozilla has all of these tremendous software titles that came out of an organic process NOT a forced commercial dump, “here have at it” is sort of thing…

    Read what Peter Vesterbacka creator of the group Angry Birds has to say on the developer end of the Android farce.

    I have more..

  • Zach

    Sorry, the game Angry Birds… not group//

  • AnonyMouse

    I just love how almost everyone is now trying to retort to me is using curse words, insults, and school yard insults. Just goes to show the level of intelligent conversation among fanboys (and that is an “lol” worthy comment lol)

    • Zach

      well I cannot see taking a tech discussion to such lengths since I had no hand in the development, plus there are other ways to refute a charge, or assertion such as contrary information.
      Wake me up when the plethora of variously-equipped Android devices can do this:

      And here’s why they can’t just yet aside from fragmentation, the OS has quite a ways to go — open platform my smooth round derrière!! :-) ):

    • tech dog

      @anonymouse: why the hell are you still on this site? we are not f***ing andork fanboys here, ok? So get the F*** off this site and find some other thread that has andork fanboys like you!!!!!

      • tech dog

        @anonymouse: we don’t care about your stupid assdroid phone, ok? so F*** off B****!!!!!

  • Zach

    As to the FRAGMENTATION issues with Android, one of the TweetDeck development team actually referred to the situation as a nightmare, but qualified it as a manageable one.

    Be SURE to check the comments section in this now famous URL: