Samsung Denies Part In Anti-Apple “Wake Up” Protest

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An interesting video has been making its rounds on the internet. Earlier this week a protest was held outside of an Australian Apple Store and someone was lucky enough to be filming at the time.

In the video, a black bus branded with the slogan “Wake Up” pulls out of nowhere and a group of paid protesters roll out and start protesting outside the Apple Store.

Now it is clear that they want someone to wake up, but it is confusing as to whether it is the people inside buying Apple products, or the employees (perhaps they are sleepy) they want to do so. If you have not seen it yet, you can watch it after the break:

The protest accompanies a series of billboards around the city as well as the words “Wake Up” written on the bottom of Bondi Ice Bergs’ pool. There is also a strange website with nothing but the slogan and a countdown. Countdown to what? I have no idea. The URL is registered to an ad agency by the name of “Tounge.”

Samsung Denies Part In Anti-Apple “Wake Up” Protest

The interesting part is that Samsung has just officially denied any involvement with the protest and “Wake Up” campaign. If it is not them, who is it? Who else would want Apple fanboys to wake up? It must certainly be a phone manufacturer releasing a new handset of some type.

In any case, I am intrigued and will keep you updated if anything interesting arises from this countdown. If my math is correct, we should only have to wait till July until whatever is going to happen happens.

Who do you think is behind this? What do you think the countdown is for? Feel free to chime in below.

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