Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay? (2023 Updated)


Home Depot is among the largest home enhancement retailers in North America. It boasts roughly 2300 stores across North America. A typical Home Depot store comprises at least 105,000 square feet of inner retail space, an inter-connection with an ecommerce store that offers various products for DIY guests, professional contractors, and the industry’s biggest installation venture for the Do- It- For- Me client.

Do you want to know whether Home Depot accepts the use of Apple Pay? Well, Apple Pay is a digital payment app whose goal is to replace physical payment inconveniences. It was designed by Apple Inc. to help you handle payments with the help of your mobile device. The most popular uses of Apple Pay are for paying for particulars in-store and online. We’ve created this comprehensive article to help you understand whether Home Depot takes Apple Pay or not. 


Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

Home Depot does not allow the use of Apple Pay at present. In history, Home Depot was among the stores that accepted Apple Pay as a system of payment. But, this store suddenly stopped accepting Apple Pay as a payment system leaving numerous people confused about this move!

Home Depot stopped accepting Apple Pay because it partnered with another popular payment option, PayPal, to enable its guests to pay for goods and services. 

Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay? Know more!


A 2018 audit of 1,500 consumers by the exploration and analytics firm Accenture showed that only 9 per cent of US grown-ups had used Apple Pay since its launch in October 2014. In June 2017, Home Depot blazoned it would not accept Apple Pay as a payment system because companies have the right to make their own opinions about which payment systems they’ll accept. 

Like most retailers, Home Depot stopped accepting Apple Pay because they had trouble processing deals on the platform. Apple Pay utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to execute zero-touch payment proceedings. This technology isn’t extensively available yet, which caused Home Depot not to take Apple Pay.

 Home Depot made a cooperation agreement with another mobile payment option called Paypal, which is a contender of Apple Pay. So, chances are many that Home Depot will not accept Apple Pay in the future unless the cooperation with Paypal ends.

What other Payment methods are welcome at Home Depot other than Apple Pay?

The following payment methods other than Apple Pay are used at Home Depot:

  • The Home Depot App
  • The home equity line of credit
  • Personal checks
  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Major debit and credit cards
  • Home Depot Financing Options

How to Pay for Goods and Services Using Your iPhone at Home Depot With PayPal?


You can pay for services and goods with the help of a PayPal cash card or cashback Mastercard at any Home Depot outlet, including self-check-out, or online at or in the Home Depot App. You can utilize these cash cards just like you would any other debit or credit card.

• Start the Paypal app. To make your payment, you’ll simply start the Paypal app, checkup Home Depot’s Paypal QR code, enter your preferred amount, and confirm your payment. 

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How To Use Paypal’s Touch free payments At Home Depot? 

Before you reach the Home Depot counter, ensure that you have Paypal’s touch-autonomous payments system fully set to use on your iPhone.

You can only use your iPhone to form a touch-free Paypal payment at Home Depot locations, which accept Paypal. Such places like Home Depot have their QR codes, which you can overlook with the Paypal app to make your purchase. You can find Home Depot’s QR code next to the register or on a digital screen.


Detect Home Depot’s Paypal QR code. Simply ask the cashier for the position of the store’s QR code. In the absence of a QR code, you will not be suitable to make an in-store payment with Paypal.

• Open the Paypal app. You can download this app from your App Store.

Login to your Paypal account. Input your login details or use face or point recognition as requested by Paypal.

• Tap on Scan/ Pay. Find this icon on the bottom-left corner of your Paypal interface. Thereafter, three icons will expand at the bottom.

• Tap on Scan. This option is available in the bottom-left corner. This will reveal your phone camera screen.

Align Home Depot’s Paypal QR code in your camera’s viewfinder. You’ll be asked to input a payment figure when the Quick Response (QR) code lines over.

Input the amount of your purchase. Ensure that you input the total amount as your Home Depot cashier requested.

Click Pay Now. This will shoot your payment to the dealer.

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Bottom Line

The Home Depot, one of North America’s largest home improvement retailers, doesn’t accept Apple Pay as its payment system because of different reasons such as limited operation, specialized nuisances, and better payment options such as Paypal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Home Depot permit payment plans? What’s a Home Depot Credit Card?

Home Depot favours payment plans. A Home Depot credit card is issued by the prestigious Citi Bank. This credit card makes it easy for clients to manage in-store purchases, develop payment plans for significant systems, and offers clients opportunities to save on purchases with exclusive elevations and offers.

2. Does Home Depot allow other digital wallets?

Paypal is the only digital wallet tolerated by Home Depot.

3. Can one use Apple Pay in the Home Depot app?

One can’t use Apple Pay with the Home Depot app as yet.

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